MIA university professors jailed upon bribery

MIA university professors jailed upon bribery

Former law enforcers are jailed for from 1.5 to 3.5 years for trying to get more than 13 million rubles ($222.100) from the capital's businesswoman.⁠

The Dorogomilovsky Court of the capital sentenced the former professors of the Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs named after V.Ya. Kikotya, accused of a particularly large fraud.

So, according to the investigation version, head of the university building maintenance department Evgeny Astapov learned from a familiar entrepreneur about an initiation of criminal proceedings against her for non-payment of taxes. Together with Professor Valery Nazarov, Professor of the Constitutional and Municipal Law of the same university, and another acquaintance, Eleonora Iremashvili, he decided to offer the woman to avoid criminal prosecution, intimidating that her debts could grow to 25 million rubles ($427.100), and demanded a bribe of 13 million rubles ($222.100) for solution. The woman agreed to pay, but after the transfer of money, she was still charged with non-payment of taxes.

The entrepreneur appealed to the FSB after which the criminal scheme was revealed.

During the trial, Nazarov and Iremashvili did not plead guilty, Astapov confirmed his confessions, which he gave at the preliminary investigation stage. By the end of the process Major-General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Nazarov admitted his guilt and refused the services of his lawyer, saying that the defender "deceived him".

During the debate, the state prosecution demanded to jail Nazarov and Iremashvili for four years, and Astapov - 2.5 years' imprisonment.

As a result, Nazarov was jailed for 3.5 years, and the court also deprived him of the right to hold posts in state bodies of the Russian Federation and the rank of Police Major General. Astapov was sentenced to 1.5 years of imprisonment, he was also deprived of the right to hold posts in the governmental bodies of the Russian Federation for a period of three years and deprived of the rank of Police Lieutenant Colonel. Iremashvili received 3.5 years of imprisonment. All convicts will serve their sentences in a general regime penal colony. In addition, in favor of the injured 10 million rubles were collected.



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