MIA denied closure of criminal case against Bilalov brothers

MIA denied closure of criminal case against Bilalov brothers
Notorious Bilalov brothers

Previously, Dozhd TV channel, citing sources, reported that the case was closed due to rehabilitation.⁠

The Interior Ministry spokeswoman Irina Volk has denied the information about the closure of the criminal case against the businessmen brothers Ahmed and Magomed Bilalovs, suspected of budget funds embezzlement.

"The Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry in the North Caucasus Federal District and the Main Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry in Moscow continue investigation of criminal cases against JSC Resorts of the North Caucasus former executives," – Volk said.

As the representative of the department reported, operational-investigations Group, which case under investigation, were enhanced. Ahmed and Magomed Bilalovs, Alexey Nevsky are wanted. The latter was arrested in absentia by the court. International orders to conduct the necessary investigative actions are directed to the competent authorities of Switzerland and the United States.

In addition, Irina Volk added that investigators are planning to consolidate defendants criminal cases into one proceeding. According to her, the investigation is under the control of the MIA Investigative Department.

Earlier, the Dozhd TV channel reported with reference to two own sources that the police closed Bilalov brothers criminal cases. As the source reported, the termination of Bilalovs criminal cases associated with rehabilitation: formally, brothers have completed all the necessary rehabilitation requirements - after opening the case merchants parted with business, did not oppose to the Russian authorities and quietly stayed in London past three years.

Recall that difficulties with the law of entrepreneurs emerged in February 2013 in connection with the sensational story of Olympic facilities in Sochi, some of which are erected by Ahmed Bilalov (cost of objects increased by 8 times). Ahmed Bilalov is suspected of embezzlement of budget funds. According to investigators, in 2012 he spent 3 million rubles from the statutory fund of the state corporation Resorts of the North Caucasus for personal purposes - to pay a rental car and accommodation in London. Investigators suspected Bilalov that he, being the co-owner of the Krasnaya Polyana (the developer of the Olympic mountain resort Mountain Carousel), caused damage to its main creditor - Sberbank. Namely, according to investigators, Magomed Bilalov deposited Sberbank 1 billion rubles in his National Business Development Bank under 4-7%. Moreover, the merchant simultaneously concluded loan agreements with controlled by him companies on unfavorable conditions.

After the initiation of criminal cases Bilalov brothers lost all their posts and left Russia.



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