Members of Serezha-Two-Percent’s OCC requested acquittal

Members of Serezha-Two-Percent’s OCC requested acquittal
Sergey Magin

Investigation believes that the criminal community headed by Sergey Magin used to be one of the largest in the history of modern Russia. There are twelve defendants in the case of Serezha-Two-Percent.

As RBC reports, members of Sergey Magin's criminal community indicted for cashing money have requested acquittal.

When pronouncing last statement in the Presnensky Court of Moscow, eight out of twelve defendants asked to leave them at large, although none of the accused had fully admitted their guilt. Only two defendants in the case, namely Inna Chutina and Diana Yastrebova, have repented. 

Meanwhile, state prosecution demands severe sentences for the cashiers. The Prosecutor's Office believes that the OCC leaders deserve 15 years in strict-regime prison, while the reset of the members – from 6 to 14 and a half years in prison. One billion rubles found during searches of the defendants should be given to the state, according to the Prosecutor's Office.

Lawyers of the accused categorically deny all accusations, calling them "absurd and speculative."

According to the materials in the case, Sergey Magin nicknamed Serezha-Two-Percent and his accomplice Vadim Rybalchenko used to head the largest organised crime community dealing in illegal banking activities and cash withdrawal on a large scale.

According to figures of the indictment, OCC members have earned more than 846 million rubles, whereas the volume of the cashiers' financial transactions over two years totaled more than 169 billion rubles.

According to the case, Magin used to head Panorama Condominium Partnership and has been the actual owner of several banks, including Oksky Commercial Bank and Mast-Bank.

The elimination of Sergey Magin's organised crime community in July 2013 is called one of the most high-profile cases in the career of former Head of the MIA GUEBiPK Lieutenant General Denis Sugrobov, who is currently being investigated on charges of OCC creation and abuse of authority.



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