Media: troll factory came up with official version of Russian journalists murder in CAR

Media: troll factory came up with official version of Russian journalists murder in CAR
Deceased journalists

The Dossier Center published a correspondence confirming the falsification of the investigation.

A year after the murder of journalist Orhan Dzhemal, cameraman Kirill Radchenko and director Alexander Rastorguev in the CAR, the Dossier Center published a final report, according to which the official version of the investigation was developed in the back office of entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin in St. Petersburg. Journalists published fragments of Telegram correspondence, which discusses how to feed a murder in the media.

According to the official version, a group of ten Arab-speaking robbers attacked the journalists. However, only mobile phones, a camera and a DVR were taken away from the dead Russians. Dossier journalists note that three Russians were killed professionally. In particular, Rastorguev was killed by three point shots. The driver managed to escape, although the car kept valuables and three gas canisters that were highly valued in the CAR. According to the Dossier version, the driver was in collusion with the killers.

A published correspondence stated that the head of the Prigozhin’s back office in St. Petersburg, Petr Bychkov, wrote that he and the adviser to the CAR President Valery Zakharov developed the following version of what happened:

“These incomprehensible people, possibly hired by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, headed towards Kag Bandor, where, according to MINUSKA, a meeting of gangsters - Ali Daras, Alkatima and Abdul Hissen (field commanders in the CAR) - was held. 10 Arab-speaking bandits stopped them. The driver managed to escape with a wound - now he is being interrogated.” 

Later, "10 Arab-speaking gangsters" was mentioned by the Associated Press news agency.


Participants agreed to publish three or four publications about the murder with the local police information. Then a certain Vadim Kuptsov sends a detailed plan of the information campaign.


In addition, the Dossier Center found that Prigozhin’s company pays $5000 each employee every month, including the police director, the security minister and other members of the presidential cabinet of the Central African Republic, and also paid for the retraining of the law enforcement officers involved in the murder investigation.



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