Mayak ex-Director suspected of tax evasion

Mayak ex-Director suspected of tax evasion
Nadezhda Tsapok

The company was involved in the criminal case against the Tsapok family.

The businessman is believed to have submitted a false tax declaration. This way, the entrepreneur was able to evade tax payment amounting to 6.5 million rubles, which makes 93% of the total amount to be paid to the state. At this point the former director is under investigation.

According to Professional Market and Company Analysis System, JSC Mayak whose main activity is crop production was registered in 2011 in Kushchevskiy district of Krasnodar region. During 2014 the company's net profit amounted to 43.6 million rubles. At the moment, the company is being liquidated.

Mayak, as well as its predecessor company Arteks-Agro have been involved in the criminal cases against Tsapok family. Namely, Nadezhda Tsapok who is the mother of the gang's leader, was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison for misappropriation of 770 hectares of land allocated to Mayak employees for free use by the head of Kushchevskiy district.



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