Marat Oganesyan down with Zenit Arena

Marat Oganesyan down with Zenit Arena
Marat Oganesyan

On November 17 the former Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg was to receive measure of restraint in the Smolninsky court, but his chronic disease suddenly became aggravated.

The former Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Marat Oganesyan, who from 2013 to 2015 supervised construction sector in the Northern Capital, was detained the day before in Moscow by the employees of the Federal Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Investigative Committee of Russia. The official and entrepreneur is suspected of swindle at a minimum of 50 million rubles during construction of stadium on the Krestovsky island.

On the evening of November 16 Oganesyan was transported under guard to St. Petersburg, where the Smolninsky district court was to choose a measure of restraint for him. However, the meeting did not take place. It became clear that on November 17 at 8 a.m. the former official felt bad on interrogation and was urgently hospitalized in the 17th city hospital of St. Petersburg - doctors explained the reason for hospitalization with an exacerbation of a chronic disease.

However, at 12:20 the former Vice-Governor was already released from hospital and returned to temporary holding facility, and materials of the case, according to the press, by that time still did not get to the court. It became known later that the court would consider a question on a measure of restraint on November 18.

As the CrimeRussia reported earlier, according to the investigators, Marat Oganesyan is involved in embezzlement of funds by fraud in the construction of the football stadium Zenit Arena located on the Krestovsky Island. The criminal episode, which is being discussed in Oganesyan's case, happened in 2014 and the amount of damage is estimated at 50 million rubles.

The former Deputy Governor on a construction is accused of illegal attraction to construction of stadium a JSC TDM as a subcontractor, which signed delivery agreement with the Transstroy company for a video board for stadium. The former First Vice-President of the Committee on a construction of the Administration of St. Petersburg Aleksander Yanchik and the head of TDM Grigory Popov are also connected to this case. As a result money was paid, but products were not received. The investigation believes that after Oganesyan transferred money into accounts of the contractor, they were removed through phony companies.

Transstroy noted that 50 million advance payment for a video board were accepted to TDM in another contract - on delivery of carts for a sliding roof. However under this agreement works also were not performed and money was not returned. By the way, 25 different companies also have material claims to JSC TDM. During 2016 they submitted more than 30 statements of claim against TDM.

It should be noted that earlier Oganesyan was engaged in reconstruction of objects of the Moscow Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre and was completing the second stage of the Maryinsky Theater. He was invited in Smolny in 2013, according to media, just to put in motion a construction of scandalous Zenit Arena.

Fontanka media with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies notes that the investigation has bases to suspect Oganesyan of regular taking of bribes from the Theatrical and Decorative Workshops company (TDM) in the form of kickback. Investigating officers believe that the former deputy governor received 15% of the amount of each contract between TDM and Transstroy, of which in total there were four for the total amount of 2 billion rubles. Thus, Oganesyan's kickbacks from the contractor could have reached 315 million rubles, notes a source.

Besides, earlier it was reported about close ties of the official with influential figures of the criminal world (he was suspected of participation in a criminal meeting of code-bound criminals at the Moscow restaurant Bochka) and friendly relations with thief within the law Eduard Asatryan.



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