Police caught man trading bitcoins to drug mafia

Police caught man trading bitcoins to drug mafia

Police of the Voronezh region detained a man suspected of financial swindle with bitcoins received from drug traffic. It was found out, the malefactor has gained income of one million rubles ($17 thousand).

The 35-year-old man may face a criminal penalty. It was found out that during the period from 2016 to 2017 he “has gained income in a form of crypto currency ‘bitcoin’ from sale of drugs”, the official site of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

“To make the specified money seem legal, the man has made financial transactions for exchange of crypto currency for Russian rubles and their transfer to the personal accounts belonging to him and his acquaintances. “Thus, the resident of Voronezh has received about one million rubles”, the representatives of the department concluded.

As of November 3, bitcoin rate to ruble was1:420807. Bitcoin rate to dollar was 1:7232. Thus, the malefactor has gained only more than two bitcoins on sale of drugs.

Police initiated a criminal case under part 1 of Art. 174.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Legalization (laundering) of Money acquired by a person as a result of criminal acts). The suspect faces punishment in the form of a fine of 120 thousand rubles or equal to the sum of the defendant’s revenue. The suspect is under arrest now. 

In addition, Voronezh police detained the 18-year-old man while selling drugs. In the police station, the suspect gave confession and explained that he equipped hiding places, and then told buyers their location via a website.

During the search in the apartment of the suspect, narcotic substance was revealed and withdrawn. The examination has shown that the drug dealer stored 24.2 grams of an a-PVP at home.

A criminal case is initiated under Art. 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal Production, Sale or Transfer of Drugs).



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