Main prosecution witness in case of Seventh Studio appears in court

Main prosecution witness in case of Seventh Studio appears in court
Nina Maslyaeva Photo: AGN "Moscow"

The witness told about the 3 million rubles ($45,000) credit of artistic director Serebrennikov, attraction of young people to the machinations and the theater’s “black box office.”

On January 25, the Meshchansky Court of the capital interviewed the key witness for the prosecution of the accountant Nina Maslyaeva. The witness told about the three-million credit of artistic director Kirill Serebrennikov, attraction of young people to the machinations and the theater’s “black box office.” Maslyayeva's appearance in court passed under numerous, including obscene cries in her address, MK reports.

Chief Accountant Nina Maslyaeva also appears in the criminal case about the “Seventh Studio”. At some point, she concluded a pre-trial agreement with the investigation, according to which, in exchange for the condescension of the court and the investigation, she would testify against Serebrennikov and other defendants.

Maslyaeva began her presentation with an explanation of the unfavorable fact of the past: at a previous place of work in a theater in the Bryansk region, she was accused of misappropriating 30,000 rubles ($450) from the ticket office. Criminal prosecution accountant explained the injustice. According to Maslyaeva, she was “made guilty” in this story.

Maslyaeva said that the theater had a black box office. In it, according to her, they kept the money received from the frauds. The management of the theater, according to Maslyayeva, cashed out budget money through a number of fictitious companies with which the fake contracts were executed. The producer Alexey Malobrodsky, as well as the accountant Larisa Voykina, had the keys.

Also, according to a witness, the artistic director of the theater, Kirill Serebrennikov, attracted young people to financial frauds. Students of theatrical universities allegedly offered to open the private entrepreneurship to participate in the scam. Maslyayeva also said that the majority of theater employees got salaries "in envelopes," understating real numbers on paper.

According to Maslyayeva, she had to leave the post of accountant in the theater, after she was accused of stealing 15 million rubles ($227,000) from the “black box office”. The accountant could not explain for what purposes the "black cash" was used. However, she said that she once went to pay 76,000 rubles ($1,150) in debt to the Serebrennikov's 3 mln rubles ($45,000) loan.

During the breaks in the corridors of the court, the defendants in the case did not hold back emotions.

“Bitch, shoot off scumbag,” insults to the accountant sounded in the corridors.

At some point, Maslyaeva complained of feeling unwell. In connection with this, it was decided to postpone the hearing to January 28.

Recall that we are talking about the embezzlement of budget funds allocated by the Ministry of Culture for the creative project of Serebrennikov “Platform”, for the implementation of which the “Seventh Studio” was created. As part of the investigation of the criminal case, charges were brought against the former general producer of the "Seventh Studio" Alexey Malobrodsky, the ex-director of this company, Yuri Itin and the former accountant Nina Maslyaeva. The former accountant, as previously reported, agreed to cooperate with the investigation. Maslyaeva has already testified against other defendants in the case, as well as against Serebrennikov.



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