Loss due to encashment king’s actions to be borne by Sfera SC seizure 

Loss due to encashment king’s actions to be borne by Sfera SC seizure
According to investigation, the annual turnover of Grigoryev’s OCC amounted to 1 trillion rubles

Investigation of the first criminal case against participants of the crime community, which had withdrawn 46 billion dollars abroad, has been completed.

Several dozen people are to be tried for criminal activities as part of an organized crime community headed by co-owner of Russky Zemelny Bank, Doninvest, and Zapadny banks Aleksandr Grigoryev.

So far, Grigoryev and a few of his accomplices have been charged with embezzlement of 2 billion rubles from the financial institutions established by the banker, as Kommersant reports. 

The investigation begun with the detention of former head of LLC CB Doninvest’s board Alla Kalitvanskaya and her deputy Svetlana Gulenkova in Rostov-on-Don in October 2015. Following them, the officers from the MIA’s General Administration for Economic Security and Combatting the Corruption (GUEBiPK) detained a co-owner Oksana Ermakova, member of Doninvest’s Board of Directors Denis Volchkov, and a number of OCC members. All of them were arrested by the court.

The investigation has revealed the interregional relations and direct involvement in the creation of ‘grey’ cash-out schemes as well as OCC management by the co-owner of Doninvest and a few other banks, the licenses of which had been revoked in 2014-2015, Aleksandr Grigoryev. October 30, 2015, he was detained in Sfera Shopping Center on Novy Arbat; according to some sources, he used to be a co-owner of the said shopping center. In addition to Grigoryev’s real estate and property, the court has also seized the mall. 


The DIA had estimated the amount of Doninvest's debt at 1.6 billion rubles, however, as it later turned out, this amount was nothing compared to the debts of the bankrupt banks previously established by Grigoryev. The indebtedness of Russky Zemelny Bank exceeded 7 billion rubles, that of Zapadny amounted to 24.6 billion, whereas Transportny was 44.2 billion rubles short.

The Central Bank of Russia has revoked the licenses of all these banks due to the high-risk credit policy pursued by their management, investments in low-quality assets, as well as the revealed fact of capital withdrawal abroad. According to the outlet, it is characteristic that the banks started having problems after Grigoryev had become their co-owner.


Further investigation revealed Grigoryev’s involvement in cash embezzlement from the listed banks. In addition, it established his organizational role in the creation of the largest OCC of cashiers in Russia, which involved over 500 people and 70 banks (Rossiysky kredit, Istkom-Finans, Transportny, MAST-bank, Antalbank, Interkapital-bank, Russky zemelny bank, Taurus, and others.

The MIA GUEBiPK found that Grigoryev’s OCC had withdrawn 46 billion dollars from the country using the accounts in those financial institutions, and the annual turnover of the crime community used to be approximately 1 trillion rubles. In addition, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Grigoryev used to be treasurer of the Podolsk OCG and business partner of its permanent leader Sergey Lalakin. According to a number of sources, Grigoryev was in charge of the gang’s common fund, multiplying it by large-scale encashment operations and further withdrawal of those funds from the country.


Aleksandr Grigoryev during interrogation

It should be noted that not all participants of Grigoryev’s OCC have been detained as part of the investigation. The St. Petersburg cashiers Oleg Vasilyev and Anton Tarasov, through whose companies the stolen funds had been withdrawn, have been declared wanted. 

The investigation on all of the crime episodes is far from being completed. At the moment, the defendants get acquainted with the materials on embezzlement in the amount of 2 billion rubles from Doninvest and Zapadny. One judgment has already been delivered in a special manner in this criminal case. Former Vice-President of Zapadny bank Grigory Kuleshi, who had fully admitted his guilt, has been sentenced to six years’ probation.

However, other persons involved in the criminal case do not plead guilty; lawyer of Aleksandr Grigoryev Sergey Shenknekht sees no evidence of his client's participation in the organized crime community. According to the lawyer, neither does Grigoryev have anything to do with the Sfera Shopping Center, which has been seized by the court as part of loss repayment. At the same time, he noted that the cost of the Moscow shopping center is 2.5 billion rubles, which is higher than the aforesaid amount of losses.



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