London court refused to extradite former General Director of Togliattiazot

London court refused to extradite former General Director of Togliattiazot
Evgeny Korolev

Evgeny Korolev, living in the UK since 2013, was arrested in absentia by Russian authorities and was declared internationally wanted.

The London County Westminster court dismissed the request of the Russian authorities for extradition of former General Director of Togliattiazot (ToAZ) Evgeny Korolev.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, the judge made a decision, basing on the fact that the Russian side did not provide sufficient evidence of the humane treatment of the accused in case of his extradition. In addition, according to the judge, Russian investigators have close relations with main owner of Uralkaly Dmitry Mazepin, against who Togliattiazot shareholders filed a lawsuit in Ireland over damages in the amount of $ 2 billion.

Evgeny Korolev was accused of fraud and abuse of power in connection with transfer of assets of the company, specializing in production of methanol.

It was also stated Korolev, who has been living in the UK since the beginning of 2013, was arrested in Russia in absentia and is internationally wanted.

In 2014, Evgeny Korolev, the General Director of Togliattiazot, was accused of Abuse of power (part 1, Art. 201 of the Criminal Code). Under a contract from 2010, a land plot with the methanol production equipment passed into the ownership of LLC Tomet. For this, Togliattiazot received 132.5 million rubles, which is up to 100 times lower than the market price of the asset. The state budget did not get the tax deduction of at least $ 80 million.

Earlier, Evgeny Korolev was accused of Fraud on  large scale (part 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code).

In December 2014, the court arrested management of Togliattiazot  in absentia, along with their partners - former chairman of the board of directors Sergey Makhlai, co-owner Vladimir Makhlai, head of Ameropa Andreas Tsivi, director of Nitrochem Beat Ruprecht and former General Director of Togliattiazot Evgeny Korolev. All five defendants in the criminal case are wanted by Interpol.

According to the investigation, the products of Togliattiazot were sold at low prices to trader companies, which then sell the row materials at market prices to independent buyers. Income was transferred on the offshore accounts and was received by controlling shareholders of Togliattiazot. The damage done with the use of the financial scheme was estimated at $ 550 million.

Dmitry Mazepin has been trying to take Togliattiazot under his control for several years. He already owns 9.3% stake in Togliattiazot, received from Renova. He requested documentation for 2007 – 2008 period from Togliattiazot. The company dismissed the require, as Mazepin was not a shareholder in the requested period. A series of lawsuits was not fulfilled. Yet Mazepin does not leave his attempts.



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