London court backs decision that Kosmos ex-Head is to pay 15 billion rubles as compensation for fraud

London court backs decision that Kosmos ex-Head is to pay 15 billion rubles as compensation for fraud
Andrey Chernyakov Photo: Kommersant / Vasily Shaposhnikov

Earlier, the Meshchansky Court of Moscow ordered to provide compensation to the Bank of Moscow in the case of multi-billion-dollar swindling with credits.

The High Court of London has supported the decision of the Meshchansky Court to recover 15 billion rubles of compensation from the former Head of the Kosmos NPO (science and production association) Andrey Chernyakov in favor of the Bank of Moscow. The lawyers of Chernyakov, who is on the international wanted list, intend to appeal the court's decision.

It is worth noting that the Meshchansky District Court has adopted three decisions on the recovery of funds during the period from February to November 2015. The case hearing in London was held under the simplified procedure, and that is why the decision was made rather soon, Kommersant noted. Otherwise, the process could drag on for years. The court dismissed the arguments of Chernyakov’s defense that he had allegedly signed loan agreements with the bank under duress, as well as complaints about the imperfection of the judicial system in Russia. The court documents mention that these arguments were designed to conceal the true state of things.

Late last year, the High Court banned Chernyakov dispose of the property he had across the world, with its worth more than 150 million pounds. Thus, the court satisfied the complaint of the Bank of Moscow, which granted multibillion-dollar loans to the Kosmos NPO under Chernyakov’s guarantee. The information about Chernyakov’s property, which had been disclosed in court, allowed the Bank of Moscow’s lawyers to apply to the courts in the countries where it was located. In particular, Chernyakov’s shares were arrested in the companies located in Cyprus, the British Virgin Islands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria. In addition, the arrested property included two jets, two Rolls-Royce cars, and luxury goods, as well as the accounts and real estate in Cyprus and in the Arab countries that belonged not only to Chernyakov, but also to his wife, Anastasiya Erokhova. Moreover, one of the arrested objects was in Florence and contained 11 residential buildings in the style of Roman palazzo with 60 rooms on 4 hectares of land.

One of Chernyakov’s lawyers Ruslan Koblev noted that his client is now protected by a group of lawyers not only from Russia but also from the UK, where the ex-Head of the Kosmos NPO currently resides. In addition, about a dozen law firms from Europe and the Arab Emirates are providing legal support for him.

Russia suspects Chernyakov of Swindling on a considerable scale (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code), as well as Swindling in lending (part 4 of Art. 159.1 of the Criminal Code). He is considered a defendant in two cases, one of which is investigated by the MIA department for the Odintsovo district, the Moscow Region. The first one concerns the theft of 25 million rubles during the construction of a judo school. The other — a multi-billion-dollar fraud with the loans of the Bank of Moscow allocated for the construction of the Halabyan-Baltic tunnel, investigated by the MIA department for the Central District of Moscow.

In turn, Chernyakov’s lawyers claim that the Kosmos NPO has completely fulfilled its obligations under the contract for the construction of the Halabyan-Baltic tunnel.



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