List of VIP clients suffered of Vneshprombank becomes longer 

List of VIP clients suffered of Vneshprombank becomes longer
Georgy Bedzhamov (center) with Prince Albert II of Monaco (left) and Ivo Ferriani, President of the International Federation of Bobsleigh. Switzerland, 2013

The CrimeRussia has managed to obtain information about certain VIP-clients of Vneshprombank, whose money Georgy Bedzhamov, the brother of the former head of the bank Larisa Marcus, stole or debited from the accounts without their consent.

In March 2016, the Tver Court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest in absentia of the Vneshprombank co-owner and head of the Russian Federation of Bobsleigh Georgy Bedzhamov. At the end of 2015, the Central Bank initiated a financial audit and subsequently found ‘a hole’ worth 210 billion rubles in the bank equity. In January 2016, the bank had its license revoked, and a month later the credit organization was declared bankrupt. As part of the criminal investigation, the police first arrested Bedzhamov’s elder sister and former Vneshprombank CEO Larisa Marcus, who is currently serving her sentence. As for Georgy Bedzhamov, he managed to slip away, and was later put on the international wanted list. He was charged in absentia with fraud on a large scale ( art. 159, para. 4 of the Russian Criminal Code).

At the end of February, the New York Times reported that Georgy Bedzhamov was currently residing in Monaco. The information came from a waiter in the Wine Palace bar in Monte Carlo, which belongs to Bedzhamov. On April 22, the fugitive banker was arrested and placed in the picturesque Monaco prison.

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Photo: wine bar Wine Palace in Monte Carlo

To the best of our knowledge, Bedzhamov is now considering the possibility of receiving political asylum in a European country. At the same time, the bank's customers — namely, VIP-clients, who had more than 27 billion in their Vneshprombank accounts, such as the Rosneft state company, Rosneftegas, Transneft, and others — are desperately trying to get their money back.

The CrimeRussia has managed to obtain the list of other VIP-clients, whose money Bedzhamov stole or debited from their Vneshprombank accounts without their consent.

Alexander Zurabov. Younger brother of Russia's ambassador to Ukraine, founder and CEO of Club of Buratino’s Friends, which specializes in making exclusive gifts for top brass officials. Zurabov held senior posts in the Aeroflot Joint Stock Company and was a member of its board of directors at the same time when people affiliated with Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich were its shareholders, and even a short time later. Before that Zurabov headed the company that had established the Trust and Investment Bank, which in the 90s had held accounts of some subsidiaries of the MAKS Closed Joint Stock Company (headed by Zurabov’s brother), as well as the accounts of several other companies headed by Zurabov’s family members. About $ 21 million have been stolen from Zurabov’s accounts in Vneshprombank.

Stanislav Neveynitsyn. CEO of Oleonafta Limited Liability Company, which previously engaged in the oil and gas exploration and oil products sales. Today, the company deals with commercial and residential real estate. More than $ 3 million have been stolen from Neveynitsyn’s accounts in Vneshprombank.

Prison in Monaco where Georgy Bedzhamov is currently located:



Sergey Mdoyants. Executive Vice President of the Sistema Joint Stock Financial Corporation, the head of the center for interaction with public authorities and international relations; CEO of LM-Invest. His accounts contained about 68 million rubles and were frozen.

Irina Fedulova. Director General of JSC ASVT (alternative operator, which provides high-tech services). Almost $ 4.5 million have been stolen from Fedulova’s accounts.

Boris Korol. Vice President of JSC Transneft, a current member of the Department of Detailed Staff of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), who is assigned to Transneft. More than $ 3 million have been stolen from Korol’s accounts in Vneshprombank.

Vladimir Gruzdev. Former governor of the Tula Region. In February 2016, voluntarily resigned, currently serves as an adviser to the governor of the Tula Region. About 20 million rubles have been stolen from Gruzdev’s accounts in Vneshprombank.

Mikhail Kamensky. Fine art expert, Ph.D., head of the Sotheby's in Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), a subsidiary of the famous auction. More than $ 4 million have been stolen from Kamensky’s accounts in Vneshprombank.

Alexander Zahikin. Chairman of the Board, CEO of the Solidarnost bank. About $ 400 thousand have been stolen from Zahikin’s accounts in Vneshprombank.

Svetlana Oshitova. Supposedly the head of INZHMORSERVIS LLC and EKONEFTEGAZ LLC, engaged in construction and project engineering. About $ 5 million have been stolen from Oshitova’s accounts in Vneshprombank.

Among other victims are Yulia Polzikova (about $ 3.5 million and more than 15 million rubles stolen), Lyudmila Utkina (about $ 4 million stolen), Olga Zubova (about $ 10 million and 0.5 billion rubles stolen), Tatiana Solomentseva ($ 0.5 billion stolen and 18 million rubles frozen), Elena Shevtsova ($ 9 million and about 400 million rubles stolen), and Diana Gindina ($ 7 million stolen).

The detained banker currently remains in the Monaco prison, the only one that can serve as a detention facility. The Kommersant newspaper notes that the prison is located in a picturesque location on a cliff of the Mediterranean coast. The defendants are allowed to order food from the restaurants, subscribe to newspapers, and enjoy the swimming pool, while the prison cells are equipped with air conditioning and TV. In the foreseeable future, the Court of Appeal is going to receive the original documents from the Russian authorities, and then it will decide on the legality of the extradition request for Bedzhamov. At the same time, the newspaper notes, the final decision will still be up to the head of Monaco, Prince Albert II, who may or may not approve the decision.

Снимок экрана 2016-04-29 в 11.52.34.pngPhoto: Larisa Marcus



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