Lawyer of GTA gang member detained for extorting $16.150 from client

Lawyer of GTA gang member detained for extorting $16.150 from client
Abubakar Manaev

He promised to achieve special order case consideration and a suspended sentence.

Lawyer of the Moscow Bar Association Abubakar Manayev, known as the GTA gang defender, was detained by the FSB on May 14, but it was revealed only today. He was detained on suspicion of embezzling 10 million rubles ($16.150) from his client.

According to the investigation, the lawyer promised his client Natalia M. to agree on the examination of her case in a special order and the appointment of a suspended sentence for the bribe, REN TV reports. Manaev assured his client that part of the amount would be transferred to the staff of the Ostankino court, where the case was pending. Natalia was accused of misappropriation and embezzlement of money on an especially large scale.

Manaev was detained after he received 5 million rubles. At the moment there is no criminal investigation case initiated against the lawyer.

Lawyer Abubakar Manaev represented the defendant in the trial of the GTA gang that arranged a shootout in the Moscow City Court; police officers, defending their colleagues, killed members of the group. The client of Manaev did not participate in the attack on the escort.

Recall that the GTA gang committed crimes in 2012-2014. It robbed Moscow suburbs, committed 17 murders and two attempts. Criminals acted in the following way: punctured tires, and then killed the driver.

In August of this year, five defendants took hostages. They left the courthouse and then started shooting at police and Rosgvardiya officers. Three members of the attack were killed, two of them were wounded. As a result of the incident, one employee of Rosgvardiya and two policemen were injured.



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