Largest contractor of Ministry of Defense's assets arrested

Largest contractor of Ministry of Defense's assets arrested
Anatoly Serdyukov

Lenders compensate for damage caused by the activity of Sergey Khudyakov, whose group of companies Investbud-15 is not completed housing's construction for the military to the tune of 35 billion rubles.

The Bank of Moscow reached the arrest of the large metropolitan business center Trofimovsky, which was in the possession of the Cyprus offshore, through the court of Cyprus.

According to Kommersant, lawyers of the financial institution are trying to repay a debt of Russian businessman Sergey Khudyakov, the ex-owner group of companies Investbud-15, to the bank. Lawyers found that a five-storey business center at the metro station Avtozavodskaya, owned by a Cypriot company Guala Enterprises Ltd, is actually controlled by Khudyakov. The court found out that the ultimate beneficiary is his wife Paulina Khudyakova. According to the newspaper, the company, on which a business center has been issued, was reregistered from Sergey Khudyakov on his wife for just 230 euros, while the actual value of the building is not less than 400-500 million rubles. The transaction was obviously made for the purpose of concealing assets, because it was concluded in the autumn of 2016, when the Bank of Moscow has sought property of the debtor for the subsequent arrests. Representatives of financial institution filed a lawsuit in the same court of Cyprus for damages in the amount of more than 15.3 billion rubles to Guala Enterprises Ltd, another foreign company Nuramia Investments Ltd. and two Russian LLCs BC Trofimovsky, Baltmedio and personally to Sergey and Paulina Khudyakovs. The court granted the request of the bank on the ban on the alienation of assets of the defendants and "any other available to them." Among other things, the arrest was imposed on the business center, in which the Investbud-15 company's office was previously located.

As the CrimeRussia previously reported, the company Investbud-15 of Sergey Khudyakov was the largest contractor of the Ministry of Defense controlled by Anatoly Serdyukov to build housing for the military. The amount of contracts amounted to tens of billions of rubles. However, some of the objects, including housing and military camps in Severodvinsk, Severomorsk, Moscow, Moscow region, Voronezh, Pushkin, and Kubinka, were not completed. The amount of unfinished work numbered about 35 billion rubles. As a result, Arbitration courts were inundated with lawsuits from creditors for the recovery of several tens of billions of rubles from the Investbud-15 company. The company itself was declared bankrupt in November 2015.

Kommersant notes that law enforcement agencies are now interested in the causes of the huge amounts of debt.



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