Kumarin’s former bodyguard extorted over $850 thousand from ‘St. Petersburg queen of shady flows’

Kumarin’s former bodyguard extorted over $850 thousand from ‘St. Petersburg queen of shady flows’
Skorodumova claims that ‘authorities’ had been extorting from her millions against fictive debts

Elena Skorodumova, currently known as Elizabeth Elena von Messing, was linked with the ‘night governor’ of St. Petersburg at some point. The woman was a common-law spouse of Vladimir Kumarin’s ‘nephew’ and played a certain role in ‘Tambovskaya’ organized criminal group.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation has arrested two ‘authorities’ in St. Petersburg on suspicion of extortion of 50 million rubles from Finnish citizen Elizabeth Elena von Messing, earlier known as Elena Skorodumova. 

According to Fontanka.ru, Sergei Fuks, Andrei ‘Abram’ Abramov, and two his bodyguards have been detained. Fuks and ‘Abram’ are well-known in the St. Petersburg business community as ‘authorities’. According to Rospres.com, ‘Abram’ used to be a bodyguard of Vladimir Kumarin (Barsukov) nicknamed ‘night governor’ of St. Petersburg. However, later Andrei Abramov has acquired independence and engaged into the criminal business. Fontanka.ru states that Sergei Fuks is also a former member of ‘Tambovskaya’ gang. It is known that Sergei Fuks had served a prison term for murder. By the way, Abramov and Fuks are fellow alumni – they had studied together in Mozhaisky Military Space Academy. 

Skorodumova claims that the ‘authorities’ had been extorting from her 50 million rubles “against fictive debts” since May 2015. The woman provided audio records of conversations with the extortionists – that she had prudently made – as a proof. Apparently, Skorodumova addressed the police only when she has felt a real threat from the criminals. In particular, on February 2, 2017, unknown persons have riddled with shots a Mercedes car belonging to her son and parked on Kirochnaya street. The son was not in the car at that moment, so the extortionists likely intended just to scare the woman.

The Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg has initiated a criminal case under part 3 of Article 163 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Extortion committed on an especially large scale). The court is to determine pretrial restrictions for the ‘authorities’ soon.

During the ‘turbulent 1990s’, Skorodumova had direct connections with Vladimir Kumarin – she was the common-law spouse of Kumarin’s ‘nephew’ Andrei (Bezprizornik - Street Child) Khloev, one of the leaders of ‘Tambovskaya’ organized criminal group. The law enforcement authorities suspected that Skorodumova was a gang member as well. Supposedly, she was laundering in Finland gang’s criminal proceeds. At that time, the woman was not charged with participation in an organized criminal group – but in 2014, Skorodumova had been accused of complicity in illegal banking activities. According to the initial version of the investigation, Skorodumova and her accomplices have withdrawn 45.6 billion rubles from the legal financial turnover of St. Petersburg and earned over 1.2 billion on these operations. However, later all charges against Skorodumova have been dropped. The woman has another nickname – ‘Pomidorikha’ (Tomato’s Wife) – ‘inherited’ from her first husband: he was an inveterate preference player, and when he was nervous during the game, he reddened like a tomato. 

It is necessary to add that in fall 2016, Skorodumova a.k.a. von Messing a.k.a. ‘Pomidorikha’ has initiated arrest of another St. Petersburg businessman Anton Zelentsov, the ex-Deputy of Sverdlovo Township in the Leningrad region. The woman has accused this businessman of extortion as well – although the amount was 10 times less, only 5 million rubles.



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