Krasnodar region: Yury Oganyan arrested due to case of Robson’s relative 

Krasnodar region: Yury Oganyan arrested due to case of Robson’s relative
Yury Oganyan (middle)

The police arrested Oganyan while investigating Vartan Tatulyan, another Sochi real estate developer, for suspected illegal construction and real estate fraud.

The MIA Directorate in the Krasnodar region arrested Oganyan on suspicion of major fraud.

Oganyan is suspected of selling same Plaza Residential Compound apartments to different buyers, according to the MIA Directorate in the Krasnodar region's Press Service.

Oganyan is responsible for building several major facilities, including the Kurortny and Plaza Residential Compounds. Oganyan is either a co-owner, the owner, or the CEO of OO Velkom, Velkom Development, Velkom Nedvizhimost, ZHK Kurortny, Tsvetochny, and Chernomorets, according to SPARK.

The police reportedly arrested him while investigating Tatulyan who was arrested for deceiving his investors. The police arrested him in his mansion in April 2018.

Tatulyan is familiar with prominent Sochi businessman Ruben Tatulyan aka Robson, as The CrimeRussia reported earlier. The US put Tatulyan on the sanctions list in late 2017. The USA accused him of being a part of the criminal community and financially supporting crime lords. It seems Tatulyan is Robson’s relative, judging from the fact he is a co-incorporator of several companies of the Robsons. For example, Tatulyan is the Anabelle Property COO; the Czech company rents out real estate and owns Sochi-based OOO Er Seven Grupp, which has similar credentials as sanctioned Tatulyan’s OOO Novy Vek Media.

Ruben Tatulyan aka Robson

Ruben Tatulyan aka Robson

Dastyno Commerce founded in 2009 in Prague is the main Anabelle Property stakeholder. Dastyno Commerce CEO is one Erik Vartanovich Tatulyan, a Sochi resident. Moreover, Vartan Tatulyan is a co-owner of Amfibius, a Sochi water park. Robson’s daughter Galina Ter-Avanesova who moved to the US once married also owns stock in the water park.

To recall, in April 2018, the police launched 40 criminal investigations of real estate development violations, specifically of violations of investor-funded apartments blocks connotation violations. The following agencies participated: FSB; National Guard; ICR. Simultaneously 97 addresses connected to Sochi businesspeople and real estate developers were searched in Krasnodar region and Sochi.

Krasnodar region prosecutors exposed both businesspeople and officials who committed overreach. There are reportedly four public officials among the arrestees. The following people were arrested on April 18: Sochi First Vice Mayor Mugdin Chermit; Krasnodar region Chief Architect Igor Mazurok. Then police then arrested Sochi Vice Mayor for Utilities Yury Palamarchuk and Property Relations Department head Vladimir Permyakov.

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