Krasnodar FSB lieutenant colonel arrested for “working” as ghost university professor

Krasnodar FSB lieutenant colonel arrested for “working” as ghost university professor

The security official has been getting a salary for lectures he has never given for eight years.

A Krasnodar court has arrested FSB Lieutenant Colonel Konstantin Nikolenko, who, being the Belorechensk head of the special services department eight years ago, forced the head of the local branch of Adygea State University (ASU) to fictitiously hire him as a professor.

The security officer has been getting a salary for nothing for eight years. The crime was revealed when a criminal case on ASU issuing diplomas for bribes was being investigated.

According to Kommersant, it all began with the investigation of the criminal case against the former branch director of the Adygea State University, Larisa Vitsyuk, who was suspected of corruption.

During the interrogation, she admitted to selling diplomas to those who never even studied at the university. Moreover, she said that she had fictitiously employed Konstantin Nikolinko, Belorechensk head of the FSB, for fear of consequences for incompliance.

Investigators believe that the lieutenant colonel got 733 thousand rubles for his nonexistent pedagogical activity. In addition, another criminal case has been filed against Nikolenko: he is suspected of helping underground casinos between September 2017 and March 2018, but no details have been given yet.

Nikolenko’s charges were brought only under the article pertaining to the excess of official powers ​​(parts 1 and 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code). The security official appealed the decision, but the North Caucasian District Military Court upheld the decision of the first instance court rejecting the lawyers’ complaint.



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