Komi Republic returned part of property in Gayzer case

Komi Republic returned part of property in Gayzer case

A special working group, comprising the Investigative Administration officers, prosecutors, MIA and FSB officers, is working on the case on the release of the property.

Part of the Komi Republic’s property has been recovered during the investigation on the Gayzer case. Vyacheslav Gayzer is the former Head of the Republic, who was involved in a number of corruption schemes.

The Head of the Investigations Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Komi Republic Andrey Isaev commented on the situation with the alienation of state property. He stated that the working group is personally supported by the Republic’s prosecutor, who had filed several lawsuits for the return of the lost property belonging to the subject of the Russian Federation, in particular, in the case of Istikhovskaya (the Member of the State Council of the Komi Republic, former Rector of the Syktyvkar State University), in the case of Serditov (the former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Head of the Komi Republic), and in the case of Umanskiy.

The investigator explained that the suspects developed multistage schemes for stealing the property, so it is not so easy to recover. Isaev revealed that there is investigation of the activity of the Zdravnitsy Respubliki LLC (Republic’s Health Resorts), owned by Aleksandr Umanskiy, currently underway; according to the investigation, around 15 million rubles were stolen with the help of the company.

According to recent data, the investigation may suspend its proceedings in respect of one of the case’s prime suspects, namely, the former Chief of Staff of the Head of the Komi Republic, the former Chairperson of the Election Commission of the Komi Republic, Elena Shabarshina, accused of bribery in the amount of 6 million rubles. Shabarshina has recently attempted suicide; as a result, her health status prevents her from participating in the investigative activities. 



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