Kobzon's debtor was sentenced to 6 years in prison

Kobzon's debtor was sentenced to 6 years in prison
Joseph Kobzon

The businessman Peisakhov lent the singer $ 25 million, which he lost in gambling.

The Odintsovo Moscow Region Court convicted businessman Vagif Peysahov to 6 years in prison for swindling in an especially large scale. The verdict can be appealed within ten days.

According to investigators, Peisakhov borrowed large sums of money from Joseph Kobzon ostensibly for development of their business, and actually spent it on gambling. February 1, 2014 the entrepreneur has taken from the singer amount of $ 25 million, which subsequently refused to return. Because of this, the artist went to the police, and, in fact, opened a criminal case of swindling. As investigators believe, Peisakhov originally did not intend to repay.

The businessman does not recognize his guilt, confirming the fact of receiving money. At the same time, he stated that all obligations on his part performed, offsetting part of the debt in the amount of $ 8 million. In particular, the owner offered to give Kobzon his shop in Stavropol and a few cars, but, according to the Deputy, it was not enough. Peysahov's relatives noted that the businessman was arrested on his way to Kobzon's office stressed the determination of the entrepreneur to repay the debt.



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