Kilos of jewelry came up in Vneshprombank case

Kilos of jewelry came up in Vneshprombank case
Former co-owner of Vneshprombank Georgy Bedzhanov

A series of large-scale raids were conducted in the apartments and suburban mansions of the former executives of the bankrupt Vneshprombank, as well as their relatives’ homes. In the course of the operation, the documents for luxury properties, savings in Russian and foreign currency, as well as kilos of jewelry were seized. If the guilt of the accused is confirmed, to the large scale fraud criminal case the laundering of stolen (Art. 174 of the Criminal Code) will be added.

The investigation on the case of one of the most notorious cases of bank fraud took a new twist. Six months after the initiation of a criminal case against the Vneshprombank top managers under the p. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (a large scale fraud), in the defendants’, their relatives’ and proxies’ apartments and mansions, a wave of searches has taken place. During these six months of investigation, the law enforcement officers managed to establish that there are actually more potential persons of interest in the case: a lot of Vneshprombank managers, including the former President of the bank Larisa Marcus and the former co-owner Georgy Bedzhanov distributed their property among their family members and trustees. It is in their homes were massively raided. According to Kommersant, as a result of the searches, the documents on expensive real estate, large savings including ones in foreign currency were found. In addition, the investigators found a box stuffed with jewelry at one of the former Vneshprombank employees. If the guilt of the accused is confirmed, to the large scale fraud (Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) criminal case the laundering of stolen (Art. 174 of the Criminal Code) will be added.

It is to be recalled that the scandal around Vneshprombank management took place in December 2015. The experts of the Bank of Russia carried out the business analysis of the Vneshprombank and found that the bank's liabilities exceed its assets by about 187.4 billion rubles. The Investigation Department of Russian MIA initiated a criminal case, and one day later, the GUEBiPK officers arrested the President of the bank Larisa Marcus. Later, at the request of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Marcus’s brother George Bedzhamov, who was a co-owner of the bank and fled to Monaco was arrested.

According to the investigators, the top managers of the bank carried out various operations for the withdrawal of assets for a long time. The total amount of illegally withdrawn funds, according to the investigation, reaches almost 200 billion rubles. It was found that the reports on the quality and amount of assets and liabilities provided by Vneshprombank to the Bank of Russia were falsified. In addition, the Vneshprombank management was granting the loans to themselves. Bedzhamov in Vneshprombank received 3.3 billion rubles and the President of the banka got 1 billion rubles. The other top managers received more than 1.4 billion rubles. Neither of these loans was returned.

If the defendants’ guilt is confirmed in court, all the seized property will be directed to redress from the actions of the Vneshprombank management.



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