Khasan Tumgoev accused of theft of funds of Rosatom pleads not guilty

Khasan Tumgoev accused of theft of funds of Rosatom pleads not guilty
Khasan Tumgoev and head of Ingushetia Yunusbek Evkurov

One of Ingushetia’s richest businessmen is being checked into involvement in another crime.

The Federal Security Service asked Moscow’s Lefortovo court to prolong the arrest of the ex-CEO of a management company OAO Kontsern Rosatomstroy Khasan Tumgoev who is being accused of theft of funds, reports Rosbalt. The investigation theory is that Tumgoev had stolen the funds allocated for reconstruction of a Rosatom institute. The Federal Security Service are checking his involvement in theft of funds of a ship repairing center Zvezdochka.

According to a source of Rosbalt within law enforcement, the Office of Investigations of the Federal Security Service are asking court to prolong the arrest of Tumgoev for additional 2 months. The hearing are expected to be carried out on Monday, April 8. One of the reason why the businessman has to be remained in custody is the investigation of another instance of theft where Tumgoev is considered the number one defendant. The Federal Security Service theory is that one of the companies he controls had tied a 1.5 billion rubles ($22.9 million) government contract with the ship repairing center Zvezdochka of the United ship repairing corporation. According to the contract, the company is obliged to carry out multiple construction works at the enterprise. Zvezdochka transferred a 100 million rubles ($1.5 million) advance payment to Tumgoev’s company, but the contract was cancelled in 6 months. The Federal Security Service believe that the company did not carry out the works, and the funds that had been received were stolen. Tumgoev has not been accused of this instance, so far. The businessman pleads not guilty.

The owner of mineral waters factory Achaluki and the ex-CEO of OAO Kontsern Rosatomstroy Khasan Tumgoev was detained in December, 2018. Criminal case into swindling committed by an organised group or on an especially large scale (item 4 of article 159 of Russia’s Criminal Code) was initiated against him. The investigation theory is that OSK company owned by the businessman had stolen 355 million rubles ($5.4 million) that had been received under the contract and allocated for reconstruction of building of a research institute of metrology systems n.a.Yu.E.Sedakov. It was reported that contracts with structures of Rosatom worth of more than 40 billion rubles ($612 million) were involved in the case.

Tumgoev is considered one of Ingushetia’s richest men. Head of the Republic Yunusbek Evkurov told in his interview with Forbes that Tumgoev’s structures had financed construction works of 3 ore dressing plants and a glass factory in the Republic. Besides that, Tumgoev’s built a business-hotel Artis-Plaza in a city of Magas. As estimated by Evkurov, Tumgoev’s investment in these projects were 7 billion rubles ($107 million).



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