Khanty-Mansiysk deputy suspected of large-scale embezzlement got off with tax evasion

Khanty-Mansiysk deputy suspected of large-scale embezzlement got off with tax evasion
Yury Alekseev

Investigation into the criminal case of Deputy of Khanty-Mansiysk District Duma, Director of Pravdinskaya Geologorazvedochnaya Ekspeditsiya (Pravdinsk Geological Expedition) LLC Yury Alekseev, has been completed.

The case against him was initiated in November 2015. Alekseev was suspected of organizing the schemes for large-scale embezzlement of funds intended for the state.

However, as Kommersant reports, the Fourth Investigative Department of the ICR Main Investigations Directorate in Yekaterinburg has completed the investigation into the case and referred it to the Prosecutor's Office for approval of conviction under part 2 of Art. 199.1, item b part 2 of Art. 199, and Art. 199.2 of the Russian Criminal Code (Tax evasion committed on an especially large scale; failure to perform the duties of a tax agent, committed on an especially large scale).

According to investigation, in 2010-2012, Alekseev failed to remit personal income tax withheld from the salary of geological expedition staff in the amount of more than 118 million rubles (2 million dollars). In addition, he evaded taxes by introducing false information into tax declaration equaling more than 57 million rubles (975 thousand dollars). In 2015, Alekseev concealed the arrears of more than 47 million rubles (804 thousand dollars) from enforced collection by tax authorities. 

Meanwhile, it was reported a year ago that when the Federal Tax Service found questionable manipulations with monetary funds in the company during an inspection, there was considered a version that the money had been withdrawn using forged documents, and later cashed out.

Names of dozens of fly-by-night companies, with which the Pravdinsk Geological Expedition had had a business relationship, have been mentioned in the case (IK Polimer LLC, Veymark LLC, Titan LLC, Sektor LLC, Medar LLC, Sibir MPF LLC, Vlada LLC, RSU-7, Megatrade LLC, and others, of which only Polimer LLC is a real company).

According to, there are many details in Alekseev's case, and the turnover of doubtful assets may reach several billion rubles. It was also reported that the company owes creditors more than 420 million rubles (7.18 million dollars). However, the ICR announced that the deputy partially compensated for damage to the state before the end of the investigation.



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