Karelian businessman cheated tax office out of 21 mln rubles

Karelian businessman cheated tax office out of 21 mln rubles

A businessman, who has underpaid more than 21 million rubles to the tax office, to be tried in Karelia.

Investigative authorities of the Republic of Karelia have completed the investigation of a criminal case against the director of one of the local firms. He is charged with Evading payment of taxes collectible from organizations by way of including into the tax declaration wittingly false data, committed on an especially large scale (item (b), part 2 of Art. 199 of the Russian Criminal Code).

During the investigation, experts found that the company led by the suspect had dealt with the provision of freight forwarding services in the period from June 24, 2011 to March 20, 2013. Wanting to hide the real income from the tax inspection, the company director was not maintaining the accounting database of the company’s commercial activities. In this case, he paid taxes on the agency fee only, which he had allegedly received from an affiliated organization for the implementation of said services.

As a result, by submitting declarations with fake data to the tax office, he has hidden more than 21 million rubles from payment to the state budget. When his financial frauds were revealed, and law enforcement agencies took the case, the businessman's property was arrested on account of damages caused to the state.

Once the accused person becomes familiar with the indictment approved on the case, all the investigation materials will be referred to the court for further consideration on the merits.



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