Kamchatka’s Health Minister resigned amid embezzlement scandal

Kamchatka’s Health Minister resigned amid embezzlement scandal
Tatyana Lemeshko

The investigation fears that Tatyana Lemeshko may put pressure on witnesses.

The Kamchatka Regional Court dismissed Minister of Health of the region Tatyana Lemeshko, who became a figurant of the case of embezzlement of 22 million rubles ($332.550). RIA Novosti quotes senior assistant to the head of the Investigation Department of the Russian Federation in the Kamchatka Territory Elena Matafonova.

She clarified that Lemeshko was removed from her post for the time of the investigation. The investigators petitioned for the dismissal of the Head of the Ministry of Health because she may exert pressure on her subordinates who are witnesses in the case.

Lemeshko, according to investigators, is involved in a scam relating to the purchase of a building for a city polyclinic No 3 from a commercial organization at an inflated price. Thus, funds were stolen from the health development program intended for the implementation of the program.

Lemeshko's accomplices were the founders of the firm and its lawyer. The businessman is now under arrest. The investigation is ongoing.



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