Italian firm belonging to Rustam Khamitov’s wife may be related to RusHydro case

Italian firm belonging to Rustam Khamitov’s wife may be related to RusHydro case
Rustam and Gulshat Khamitovs

Federal Press obtained from an anonymous source in the police documents from which it follows that in the name of the wife of the Bashkortostan Head, known for his uncompromising attitude towards corruption, the company Ayvest is registered.

Gulshat Khamitova, according to this data, owns a blocking stake of 25% of the shares in her assets. The main owner of the Italian company is Europien Energetics, which, according to the documents, engaged in the supply of equipment for the energy and machine-building enterprises.

Meanwhile, at the place of registration of this serious company, as it may seem from its profile, in the Italian town of Sacile there is a quite ordinary-looking building, which has nothing to do with machinery and energy, wrote the edition.

In addition, Federal Press wrote that period, when Khamitova was setting up her business abroad fully coincides with the time, when RusHydro built a mini-hydropower plant in cooperation with the Italian colleagues. Experts note that the mini-hydropower plants were an ideal construction project for non-transparent work: machinery and equipment was being imported from abroad and the construction could be financed from any source, such as regional or municipal budgets.

On October 1, 2010, the RusHydro JSC and the Government of Bashkortostan entered into a cooperation agreement, which was signed by the company Chairman Yevgeny Dod, who is currently under investigation, and the President of the Republic Rustem Khamitov, who, according to the title, had a direct relation to Dod’s business for a long time, and in the period from 2009 to 2010 even was his Deputy in RusHydro.

Under the agreement between the Republic and RusHydro a special program has been established, within which Bashkortostan attracted a large number of orders for the energy industry.

The edition wrote that RusHydro acquired equipment for mini-hydropower plants in other Italian company with a similar name (Europe Energy Gas & Power), and the company with the consonant name belonging Gulshat Khamitova was used as a “spacer”.

It is to be recalled that the former Head of RusHydro Yevgeny Dod and the Chief Accountant of the company Dmitry Finkel were arrested on criminal charges of embezzlement on a large scale. According to the investigators, Dod accrued himself a special bonus in the amount of 353.21 million rubles, illegally inflating it by at least by 73.2 million rubles.



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