IRS suspects Tatyana Navka of tax fraud

IRS suspects Tatyana Navka of tax fraud
Tatyana Navka

The wife of the Russian President's Press Secretary is suspected of fraud scheme with declarations, the media write.

The wife of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Tatyana Navka, could illegally use US tax relief and deliberately write false information when filling out declarations, a joint investigation of Dossier center and The Guardian reads.

It is about the period until 2015, when the Russian figure skater was still living in the United States. The authors of the article believe that Navka has furnished incorrect information to the IRS for several years.

Later, in 2016, Tatyana Navka turned to Ilya Bykov, a financial consultant from Protax Services Inc, who was to conduct a tax audit and prepare documents for the sale of an athlete’s apartment in Manhattan. Of note, Bykov also advised the President of the Crocus Group holding, Araz Agalarov.

The investigation says that the consultant had already warned Navka about possible issues with the US authorities because of the gross errors in the declarations, and also because of the hiding of international bank accounts - in February 2014, the figure skater opened three bank accounts with Banque Internationale à Luxembourg in Zurich and on the same day set up an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands. She did not notify the US tax authorities about it, although she was obliged to disclose this information.

Nevertheless, Protax Services were ready to help Navka sell the apartment in New York for $ 2.3 million. But this was not possible until 2016, then Bykov proposed to lower the price to $ 2 million, fearing that real estate could be confiscated due to Navka's issues with tax service. This proposal did not suit the wife of the Press Secretary of the Russian President, and she turned to another auditing company. Her friend from New Jersey Zlata Dikaya, in whose name the official power of attorney was issued, began to represent the interests of the ice skater.

Publications note that in the summer of 2018, Navka nevertheless sold her New York apartment for $ 1.755 million. Apparently, it was then that the guarantor of the mortgage loan Deutsche Bank in New York turned to collectors due to non-fulfillment of loan obligations by Navka.

The Guardian has at its disposal the court materials on the property rights case (No. F02470817). According to the documents, Tatyana Navka and her first husband, Alexander Zhulin, did not repay another mortgage loan of $ 1.3 million, issued in 2006 against security of a house in New Jersey.

In January 2019, the property went to the bank as part of a suit for recovery of unpaid credit and property taxes in the amount of over $ 128 thousand, as well as $ 100 thousand in insurance contributions and $ 20 thousand in utility bills and other expenditures.

At the same time, it turns out that until January 2019, Tatyana Navka and Alexander Zhulin were still owners of the house, although in 2009 they indicated in the American tax declaration that they sold it for $ 1.2 million.

Moreover, there are other inconsistencies - Navka and Zhulin’s marriage was terminated on July 23, 2010 (case No. 02-0474/154/2010 is at the disposal of the Dossier Center), but the couple continued to fill out declarations as spouses for several years after divorce. The United States provide tax breaks for couples who, unlike single people, can benefit from combining benefits. Thus, for at least three years, Navka and Zhulin illegally continued to enjoy tax breaks for children and housing rental benefits.



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