Investtorgbank fugitive ex-president apprehended in Monaco

Investtorgbank fugitive ex-president apprehended in Monaco
Vladimir Gudkov

The financier is on the Interpol wanted line.

The law enforcement bodies of Monaco detained internationally wanted ex-chairman of the board of one of the Russian banks, according to the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Russia in Moscow. The detainee is suspected of being complicit in the scheme of embezzlement of at least 500 million rubles ($8.8m), as well as several similar crimes. The issue of his extradition to Russia is being considered. 

The investigators believe the criminal group to which the detainee belonged, entered into loan agreements with shell legal entities and thus stole money. The case, which is being investigated since 2016, concerns a contract for the purchase and sale of mortgages between the bank and a brokerage company, which ostensibly dealt with mortgages. In fact, the bank acquired the securities of the company, which did not conduct any activity. This way about 500 million rubles ($8.8m) were stolen. 

Kommersant informs that the detained is the ex-president of Investtorgbank Vladimir Gudkov. The MIA however does not disclose the banker's name.

In July 2016, the official MIA spokesperson, Irina Volk, reported on charges of embezzling 500 million rubles ($8.8m) brought against the former deputy chairman of the board and Head of the department for mortgage lending development of one of the Moscow banks. In late December 2017, the MIA Directorate in Moscow reported that the former Head of the credit operations department and the bank's freelancer were charged with swindling in the same case. The Head of the bank himself disappeared and was put on the international wanted list. Later it was decided to arrest him in absentia.



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