"Investigator promised house arrest if I plead guilty", Seventh Studio Chief Accountant

"Investigator promised house arrest if I plead guilty", Seventh Studio Chief Accountant
Nina Maslyaeva

Nina Maslyaeva claimed that holding her in jail was cruel.

Former Seventh Studio Chief Accountant Nina Maslyaeva told the Moscow Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) that she had confessed to the multimillion-ruble fraud, believing the investigator's promise of house arrest.

"I’m about to have a nervous breakdown. The investigator explicitly promised a house arrest if I plead guilty. But nothing has changed and he did not come to court at all. Before that the appointed lawyer said something I will never forget: "Just do what your heart tells you to do." This all is very cruel," Dozhd TV quoted Maslyaeva.

We should remind that on June 8, the Moscow City Court refused to release Nina Maslyaeva, upholding the verdict of the Presnensky Court that had ruled that the woman should remain in jail until July 19. The lawyers insisted on putting the defendant under house arrest on the grounds that Maslyaeva suffers a number of serious illnesses, cooperates with the investigation, pleaded guilty and even signed a pre-trial agreement.

The accused told the PMC that she had been transferred to a small cell where "there is not enough air and the window does not open".

"I'm slowly dying here, but they won’t transfer me to house arrest, as if I'm a brutal murderer, and not an accountant," she complained.

As the CrimeRussia wrote previously, Seventh Studio former chief accountant Nina Maslyaeva and ex-director Yuri Itin are charged under part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling). According to investigators, the management stole 200 million ($3.5m) of budget funds allocated to promote art. Itin is currently under house arrest.

Republic news outlet reported referring to the ICR interrogation protocol that the chief accountant had confessed to cashing 100 million rubles for the Seventh Studio through shell firms that belonged to a friend of Maslyaeva’s, Valery Sinelnikov. The woman also stated that she had been specifically hired for fraudulent work.

As part of the investigation into this case, at the end of May security officials conducted searches in the apartment of the film director Kirill Serebrennikov, as well as in the Gogol Center Theater that he runs. Serebrennikov is a witness in the case.



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