Investigative Committee to check Serebrennikov’s passport

Investigative Committee to check Serebrennikov’s passport
Kirill Serebrennikov

The director is unable to go abroad because of this.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has commissioned an expert examination of the passport of Gogol Center artistic director Kirill Serebrennikov making it impossible for him to leave Russia, Interfax reported citing a source.

According to the source, the document can be subjected to a technical and forensic examination that must confirm its validity. However, law enforcers do not want Serebrennikov to leave the country using any means available.

According to the director himself, in September he was to stage Hansel and Gretel opera in Stuttgart.

August 7, reports came that his passport had been seized.

In May, searches were carried out at Gogol Center and artistic director’s home in a case of state funds embezzlement in Seventh Studio run by Kirill Serebrennikov: about 70 million rubles ($1m) had been allocated to the company for tours. According to the investigation, the company’s management stole about two million rubles meant for A Midsummer Night's Dream play that was allegedly never performed. Seventh Studio general director Yuri Itin, the accountant Nina Maslyaeva, as well as Gogol Center director Alexey Malobrodsky were detained, while Serebrennikov is a witness in the case.

On August 9 reports claimed that Maslyaeva was giving testimonies against other defendants, as well as against Serebrennikov. According to her, "Itin, Serebrennikov and Malobrodsky developed a plan to steal the funds allocated for Platforma project”, while she was allegedly engaged in forgery of financial documentation on orders of the managers.



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