ICR completed investigation against Penza ex-Mayor accused of swindling

ICR completed investigation against Penza ex-Mayor accused of swindling
Aleksander Pashkov

Aleksander Pashkov is accused of swindle amounting to 100 million rubles. Earlier, the ex-official already served sentence for swindle for 90 million rubles.

Investigating authorities of the Investigative Committee of Russia (ICR) in the Penza Region completed investigation of the criminal case against the former Mayor of Penza Aleksander Pashkov and businessman Sergey Bogunov. They are incriminated Abetting another person in committing a crime, Assignment of someone else's property and Swindling (part 4 of Art. 33, part 4 of Art. 160 and part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

According to investigators, from February to April of 2015 the president of LLC TsSK Sigma Bogunov, who is a contractor of construction of a perinatal center in Penza, stole about 67 million rubles. The businessman appropriated this sum from the money received as advance payments under the state contract. The investigation believes that Pashkov, who at that time held a post of the Governor’s adviser of the Penza region, abetted the businessman to steal.

Besides, Pashkov fraudulently received 30 million rubles from Bogunov. Former official was allegedly ought to transfer this money as remuneration to regional officials and representatives of one of state corporations. Actually Pashkov appropriated the received millions. We should note that during the investigation the ex-official completely indemnified the loss caused to LLC TsSK Sigma.

Investigating officers of the Penza Region interrogated more than 50 witnesses under the case, carried out numerous searches at the place of residence and works of defendants, analyzed construction and accounting judicial examinations.

At the moment, Aleksander Pashkov is in custody, Sergey Bogunov – under house arrest. Defendants of the case and their defenders got acquainted with materials of the criminal investigation. The case is directed for approval of the indictment and the subsequent transfer to court.

Earlier, Pashkov was condemned for swindling in May, 2010. In April, 2008 he was detained in Moscow by the staff of the Federal Security Service. Being the Vice Prime-Minister of the Government in the Penza Region he ordered to create the Provincial Energy Company (PEC), where the property of electro network complexes of the region was collected. Aiming to secure the right to electro network complexes, Pashkov arranged 99,95% of shares of OJSC GEK addressed to the mother-in-law. Thus, appropriating property of electro network complexes of the Penza Region, the ex-official caused to treasury of the region damage in the amount of 89,9 million rubles. Court sentenced Pashkov to 8.5 years of imprisonment and a penalty in the amount of 500 thousand rubles. However in two years, in October of the 2012th, Aleksander Pashkov was released on parole.


Aleksander Pashkov was born in 1969 in Sverdlovsk of the Lugansk Region of the Ukrainian SSR. Graduated from the Penza construction institute majoring in “construction engineer”. In 1993 he was engaged in private business. Since 2001 he began to promptly move up on civil service, however he did not stay long on the posts. In 2001 he represented the Legislative Assembly of the Penza Region in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. A year later Pashkov held a post of the Deputy Governor of the Region. In 2004 he headed Department of a Construction and Road Economy of the Region. Later he held position of the Head of Penza Administration of (from February to November, 2005). In January, 2006 came to a post of the first Deputy Head of the Governor of the Region, which he held up to the beginning of the criminal prosecution – July, 2007.



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