Investigation to arrest mansion and yacht of Development Corporation CEO 

Investigation to arrest mansion and yacht of Development Corporation CEO
Victoria Yacht’s estimated worth is at least 70 million euros.

The investigators are going to resort the court with a claim to seize Sergey Maslov’s property.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Rostov region made official charges to the Head of Development Corporation Sergey Maslov regarding a 1-billion-ruble Embezzlement (part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code). According to investigators, the top manager stole 1 billion rubles from Narodny Kredit bank. As reported by Kommersant, law enforcement officers are going to file a petition for seizure of Maslov’s property - namely, his suburban estate worth $ 100 million (where Maslov was detained during a special operation), and his expensive cars. The businessman may also lose his 71-meter yacht, which is currently at the shipyard in Italy (its estimated worth may be € 50 million).

Meanwhile, Maslov denies his guilt, the newspaper said.

Earlier, the CEO of Vladimir Putin-initiated Development Corporation JSC Sergey Maslov was detained by GUEBiPK and FSB officers on October 19, 2016 in his luxurious mansion with his deputy Vladimir Karamanov arrested the same day. Maslov and Karamanov had invested the money they got from the shareholders of the Korporatsiya Razvitiya into the Narodny Kredit shortly before the bank’s license was revoked. The investigators believe that Maslov and Karamanov were specifically looking for an ailing bank so that it would be easier to justify disappearance of the money the regions invested in the Urals project called "Industrial Ural, Arctic Ural". Having conspired with the Narodny Kredit’s leadership, the businessmen transferred funds to Cyprus offshore accounts to invest it later into personal projects of Sergey Maslov and Vladimir Karamanov. The theft exceeded 1 billion rubles.

Late in September 2016 the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Rostov Region opened a criminal case on Misappropriation of funds (part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code).

Особняк Сергея Маслова

The court ordered a custodial penalty for Maslov until November 30, denying the appeal by Maslov’s attorneys and refusing to release the accused on bail of 10 million rubles. According to the defense, the prosecution did not provide sufficient evidence of their client’s involvement in the financial crime, and the case against Maslov had been initiated on a testimony of just one witness. The lawyer also said that Maslov had four minor children, who would suffer from the separation. Maslov himself was trying to convince the prosecution that he would not interfere with the investigation or flee abroad once released, saying that the investigators had all of his papers and that his officially declared income exceeded the amount announced by the investigation.

According to sources close to the investigation referred to Kommersant, law enforcement officers are considering the version that Development Corporation could use the same scheme to place money in other unreliable banks. In this case soon the Maslov case may have some new details to it increasing the estimated damage.



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