Investigation makes overtures to Serebrennikov. The Seventh Studio ex-senior accountant testified against him

Investigation makes overtures to Serebrennikov. The Seventh Studio ex-senior accountant testified against him
Nina Maslyaeva

Daughters of arrested Nina Maslyaeva stated that Kirill Serebrennikov puts the heat on. They claim that they are allegedly behind surveillance.⁠

Former chief accountant of the Seventh Studio Nina Maslyaeva testified against director Kirill Serebrennikov in the case of embezzlement of state funds.

At the end of July Maslyaeva was charged under graver article - part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling on an especially large scale). During the interrogation, the ex-chief accountant reported that it was "Kirill Serebrennikov who developed a plan to steal funds allocated for the Platforma project". According to the testimony of the accused, Serebrennikov and Malobrodsky (producer of the Seventh Studio) cashed in using it.

Today at a hearing of the Moscow City Court it became known that in the decision it appears that director Kirill Serebrennikov together with Alexey Malobrodsky created the Seventh Studio company for "the realization of criminal intent."

Earlier today it became known that Maslyaeva's daughters complained of being followed and accused director Kirill Serebrennikov of organizing the surveillance.

"I believe that former colleagues of my mother Serebrenikov, Itin (Yuri) and others are trying to find out my circle of contacts and want to put pressure on my mother," RIA Novosti quoted Marina Maslyaeva as saying in the interrogation report that was read out in court.

As the CrimeRussia previously wrote, in addition to Nina Maslyaeva, charges of embezzlement of budget funds were brought against Alexey Malobrodsky and ex-director of the Seventh Studio Yuri Itin. Malobrodsky and Maslyaeva are kept in pre-trial detention center; Itin was placed under house arrest. Kirill Serebrennikov still remains in the status of a witness, while earlier the director in an interview with Sueddeutsche Zeitung stated that he had been taken out of the passport in the framework of the investigation of the criminal case of fraud.

Figures of the case accused of embezzling 1.286 million rubles ($21.500), allocated by the Ministry of Culture for the creative Serebrennikov’s project Platforma, for the implementation of which the Seventh Studio was created. The investigation, in particular, asserts that the budgetary funds allocated for the staging of the Midsummer Night's Dream performance in 2012 were appropriated. The performance, according to the version of the ICR, was never staged, although Midsummer Night's Dream was on Platforma, and also for several years Gogol Center staged it too.



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