Ingushetia: Father and son, who helped officials to launder stolen money, arrested

Ingushetia: Father and son, who helped officials to launder stolen money, arrested

The amount of damage is estimated at more than 10 billion rubles ($155,5m).

In Ingushetia, a man and his son - Ibrahim and Bagaudin Gantemirovs, who are suspected of assisting local officials in cashing out in and laundering stolen budget funds, were detained, Kommersant reports. According to sources, the amount of damage from the actions of the Gantemirovs may rich up to 10 billion rubles ($155,5m). A criminal case on illegal banking activity was initiated against them (Part 2 of Art. 172 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The court sent the men under house arrest. Kommersant also notes that they will serve their term in a luxurious mansion, which they acquired for the stolen funds.

Gantemirovs, as well as their alleged accomplices, were detained by police officers and Main Directorate for Economic Safety and Counteracting Corruption, who came to Ingushetia as part of decriminalization operation in the North Caucasus. Operatives came to the cashiers, conducted inspections in regional departments, including at the Ministry of Construction and State Expertise Administration. It is reported that hundreds of millions of rubles allocated for the construction of a glass container factory in the village of Sagopshi passed through the Gantemirovs. It was planned that the company would produce up to 286 million bottles a year, but the funds allocated to it, according to law enforcement agencies, disappeared.

When the law enforcement officers began to track the movement of funds, it turned out that some of them were sent to subcontractors that do not conduct any financial and economic activities, and then were cashed out in a local branch of Rosselhozbank. The scheme was also used for cashing out of the money allocated for other projects in Ingushetia. According to the investigation, the Gantemirovs were engaged in cashing out.

Gantemirov Sr., who used to run a small business, has been engaged in financial operations since 2010. He attracted his son, other relatives and friends in his activities. The investigation believes that Gantemirovs received up to 10% of the sums sent to the accounts of the one-day firms associated with them for their services.

It is reported that, at present, the leadership of the regional branch of Rosselkhozbank is being checked for involvement in illegal financial transactions.



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