In Moldova 15 judges arrested on case of money laundering from Russia

In Moldova 15 judges arrested on case of money laundering from Russia

They were links in the chain of money-laundering in the so-called Moldovan scheme. With their help it was legalized about 18 billion dollars.

The National Anti-Corruption Center and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office of Moldova in the framework of the operation detained 18 people. In total, in the corruption case there are 16 judges and four bailiffs. The searches took place simultaneously at the workplace and in the resident places of suspects. They worked in the courts of different instances of the Kishinev, as well as cities Telenesti, Comrat and Ungheni, said the Head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Viorel Morar.

According to local media, detainees were involved in the laundering of 18 billion dollars in 2010-2014. As previously the CrimeRussia wrote, in the scheme of laundry there were attended Russian companies, courts of Moldova and Moldovan banks. The Russian company, wishing to launder money, open accounts in Moldovan banks. Another legal entity supplied to the Moldovan court for the recovery of the Russian company's alleged debt. A citizen of Moldova acted as a defendant. It was necessary to ensure that cases are dealt with in this country. In this case, judges were some of the key elements in the circuit and made rulings with mass violations.

In another scheme, money from Russian were received by local one-day firms, which took credit in Moldovan banks and did not return it. Then began the litigation, as a result of which the money passed through the bank. Here a significant role played a judge, who legalize revenue from Russia by his decision.

According sources in the list of detained judges there are:

Stefan Niţă - the judge in the Court of Appeal

Harry Bivol – the District Court Judge of the sector Center

Urie Tsurkan – the former Master of the Riscani Court

Liliana Andriash – the Sector Centre Court

Iurie Hyrbu – the Judge of the Telenesti

Sergey Popovich – the Chairman of the Comrat Court

Gheorghe Byrnaz – the Master in court Riscani

Valeriu Gashke – the Master in court Riscani

Sergey Hubenko – the Comrat Court

Sergey Lebediuk - the Military Court

Mihai Moraru – the Court of Ungheni

Aurica Us – the ex-Master of the Riscani Court

Gheorghe Marchitan – the Master of the Causeni court

Gheorghe Gorun – the ex-judge of the District Court Riscani

and Igor Vornichesku, who was detained in the Chisinau airport, when he was going to flee abroad.

участвующие в схеме

Photo: Names of participating in the scheme and the amount that they have legalized

Recall that the former Vice-President of the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) Emma Tabirta was arrested in August this year. In July, Ukrainian law enforcers have detained a businessman Veaceslav Platon, who is called the raider №1 in the CIS in Moldova. They were connected through Moldavian Bank de Economii and Moldindconbank. The former member of the Moldovan Parliament Viacheslav Platon controlled Moldindconbank, being its majority shareholder, and Tabirta performed the bank management.

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