ICR will examine Chief Physician of Khabarovsk Region hospital on 500-percent bonuses

ICR will examine Chief Physician of Khabarovsk Region hospital on 500-percent bonuses
The building of the Central District Hospital in Vanino

Around the Central District Hospital a major scandal of a possible embezzlement spreads.

Doctors of Central District Hospital (CDH) in Vanino appealed to law enforcement agencies and the State Duma of the Russian Federation with a request to conduct an audit of financial activity of the hospital executives. According to IA REGNUM, they provided payroll and documents, according to which the Head Physician of the hospital Marina Sidorova pay to herself and her relatives salaries, which is 2-3 times more than usual payments to doctors and she established bonuses and and allowances for relatives in the amount 500% of salary.

Members of Khabarovsk Region Parliament have taken into situation. It is reported that the hospital staff is waiting for response from the Investigative Committee, the Chief Physician went on vacation.

According to doctors, in headed by Marina Sidorova CDH it was established a real family contract. So, the Sidorova’s husband is also her Deputy for economic part, and her son is responsible for the technical support. Driven to despair doctors called Sidorova and her relatives, employed at the hospital, family of advanced development. According to official data, in 2015 the Chief Physician of the central district hospital in Vanino has earned nearly 2 million rubles, and her husband - more than a million rubles. For comparison, the salary of a surgeon, who works in the CDH, with two rates does not exceed 40-50 thousand.

It is reported it was impossible to get in touch with Marina Sidorova - as reported by her secretary (who, by the way, gets 90 thousand rubles per month) Marina Sidorova is on vacation.

Marina Sidorova was approved for the position of Chief Physician of Vanino by the Ministry of Health of Khabarovsk Region in 2013. According to local media, the decision was shocked for inhabitants of the village and the hospital staff.

A suspicion of Abuse of official powers is not the only claim of medical staff to CDH executives. Previously, the reason for the disturbance of doctors was the dismissal of the Head of gynecology department, a surgeon and an obstetrician Andrey Maksakov. He was fired by Sidorova with the wording "on the initiative of the employer." Maksakov claimed that the dismissal is connected with his civil position and an indignation about what was happening in the hospital.

Doctors also said that they intend to appeal not only to ICR, but to the prosecutor.



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