ICR used steal of sofa as cause for Central Bank's raid

ICR used steal of sofa as cause for Central Bank's raid

The ICR has withdrawn a large amount of documents of the Central Bank under the pretext of stealing the sofa in the rehabilitated bank.

Stealing the sofa in the International Joint-Stock Bank (MAB) has served as a pretext for raids in the Central Bank of Russia for the Investigative Committee of Russia, said the source to the edition Kommersant. According to the source, the abduction of the sofa, vases and carpets had indeed taken place, but it was not the main motive for investigations.

Earlier, a source of the edition TASS claimed that the document check was carried out because of the abduction of household items in the rehabilitated bank.

On Friday, September 9, employees of the ICR with the support of the riot police carried out massive searches in the Directorate of the Central Bank of the Central Federal District at street Baltschug, 2. The employee of the Bank of Russia reported that the reason for investigation and seizure of documents was the situation around MAB, which lost its license in February. 



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