ICR suspects Ulyanovsk Deputy in next multi-million swindling

ICR suspects Ulyanovsk Deputy in next multi-million swindling

Mikhail Rodionov was back in sight of the investigators. This time, he is suspected of embezzling 200 million rubles.

With regard to the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region Mikhail Rodionov a criminal case of Swindling on an especially large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code) was opened.

According to investigators, from April to July 2016 Rodionov, on behalf of companies, controlled by the regional Ministry of Agriculture, provided false documents for the supply of raw materials and equipment, which gave the right to receive subsidies. On the basis of forged documents from the regional budget to these businesses there were paid subsidies amounting to more than 200 million rubles.

Investigators intend to connect a new criminal case with the previous one on the fact of evasion from payment taxes.

The Office noted that it will also be assessed actions of Government's officials of the Ulyanovsk region, who had taken a decision on granting subsidies.

Previously, the CrimeRussia reported that, with regard to Rodionov it was opened a criminal case on the fact of non-payment of taxes. According to the ICR data, Rodionov has not paid excise duties for the products of the enterprise Trehsosensky Plant in 2013. As a result, the Russian budget is not received more than 2 billion rubles. Rodionov is currently under house arrest with the pledge of 20 million rubles. The court arrested the account, yachts and 18 cars of the deputy.

In October 2015, the official representative of the ICR Vladimir Markin claimed that the investigation into Rodionov was trying to influence by methods of black PR. The purpose of this campaign was to distract the attention of the investigators on the case of corrupt officials in the Government, said Markin. The representative of the ICR warned the regional leadership from the organization of a criminal group.

- How is organized crime from a mutual responsibility, when all know, or guess, but do not wash their dirty linen in public? - wrote Markin in his column in Izvestia.


Rodionov is the Deputy of the Legislative Assembly in the Ulyanovsk region since 2012 from the Edinaya Rossiya party. Previously, he was the Deputy of the Samara Regional Duma. In November 2007, he was accused in the case of running over two policemen in the Samara region. In 2009, the investigation was terminated due to lack of evidence.



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