ICR completed investigation against former Head of RRDB

ICR completed investigation against former Head of RRDB
Dmitry Titov

The case of the former banker will be considered in the court.

The ICR completed investigation of the case against the former President of JSCo Russian Regions Development Bank (RRDB), the Vice-President of JSCo MC Pallas Athena, Dmitry Titov, reported the edition Kommersant. All the documents in the case investigators sent for approval to the Prosecutor.

Titov is accused of large-scale swindling: according to the investigation, the bank gave out deliberately bad loans on a large scale under his leadership. He was charged under part. 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (Swindling in an especially large scale). In July 2015 the former banker was detained and placed under arrest.

Titov himself left the job in RRDB (controlled by Rosneft) back in 2010. Currently he holds the position of the Vice-President of JSC MC Pallas Athena - the management company of the same name building holding. Group turnover in 2014 exceeded $ 1 billion.

Despite charges, the ICR has not mentioned the exact amount of the damage caused by the alleged fraudulent activities of the banker. Lawyers asked to release him on bail or placed under house arrest, alleging that the defendant's incriminated actions fall under the category of swindling in business. In response, the court said that because one of the bank's shareholders was the Russian Federation indirectly, the detention is unfounded. In addition, the court referred to large volumes of the case and unidentified circumstances.

However, in early 2016 the court abruptly changed its mind and released Titov: first under house arrest, and then on written undertaking not to leave the place. In early spring, investigators transferred investigation materials to the former banker for review, and then to the Prosecutor's Office for approval. If the agency approves documents in the near future, the case will be considered in court. The defense lawyer Victor Burobin declined to comment on the case because of the client.



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