How deputy sold the school

How deputy sold the school

Data for one criminal case, concerning the chairman of Volgograd region’s KPRF party, on paper looks like 29 volumes. The budget of a region lost 29 mln rubles.

The leader of Volgograd’s communists and the deputy of The State Duma is being accused of massive ongoing fraud.  So massive, that the case files that were sent by detectives of Investigative Committee comprise over 29 volumes (books).

Primary investigation lasted 19 months, more than one hundred witnesses were questioned, specific construction and price assessment were done.

According to investigators, as a result of Parshin’s and his accomplices’ fraud blueprints, state budget suffered at least for 25 mln rubles. Notably, that the Head of Volgograd’s KPRF party is the organizer of this deal.

Eight years ago administration of Sredneakhtubinsky Region sold a shabby building and land around it, in the village Rakhinka, to the private firm, led by Sergey Chekunkov, it’s manager. The price was rather low – 250 thousand rubles. Four years later, in October of 2012, at the initiative of Sergey Tikhonov, the Head of region’s administration, during the targeted programme the building was bought back, but now absolutely for another sum of money.  

Detectives later discovered that besides Tikhonov, these actions were strongly supported by the Head of City’s financial department, Andrey Uvarov, and by Nikolay Parshin, the deputy of regional Duma. 

The latter (Parshin) using his authority and power of parliamentarian, zealously was lobbying the idea of buying back the school, he even asked the governor to provide finances from regional budget as it was a very necessary step.

The administration of Volgograd region finally agreed on terms of a deal that were imposed by defendants, when Tikhonov promised to do what the administration asked for – reconstruction of a building. However, according to the data from Investigations Department of Volgograd region, since then no works had been done on the object, and as for the pupils of Rakhinka – they are still share little space in a shabby building of kindergarten, having troubles with learning process.

Finally, the gang transferred money for school reconstruction to bank accounts of Chekunkov and then allocated them between each other. Noteworthy, that “the lion’s share” was given to Parshin, his piece of a pie was 11 mln rubles, Uvarov and Chekunkov both have received 5.3 mln rubles, Tikhonov – around 3.5 mln rubles.

Accomplices of KPRF’s representative agreed on a plea deal, pleaded guilty and now serve their slightly “soft” sentences – 2-3 years in regime penal colony.

From 4 accused people, only Parshin was able to escape responsibility by now – his deputy mandate is helping him, the Head of Volgograd’s communists was avoiding meetings with investigators for a long time. In June of 2014, the State Duma upon request of Investigative Committee stripped of Parshin of his deputy immunity, what gave a new impetus to the inquiry that was stopped for some time. If the Prosecutor’s Office confirms indictment, then the elusive deputy will be tried for massive ongoing fraud according to art.159 p.4 of the Russian Criminal Code.

In the meantime, Parshin’s lawyers are insist on his innocence, he’s successfully passed polygraph testing and now plans to run for a seat in the Parliament, even his heart attacks can’t stop him.

The defense acts with confidence. There is still time, before the case will be trialed, attorneys say. It’s a long process to prosecute the people’s representative. Standing order at courts say that after regional’s Prosecutor’s office indictment should be confirmed by The General Prosecutor’s Office, after that by Duma’s committee and then – the Parliament. It’s impossible to go through all the procedures before the next elections to the State Duma    



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