Household gang of Tavrichesky bank ex-shareholder Makhauri suspected of massive embezzlement

Household gang of Tavrichesky bank ex-shareholder Makhauri suspected of massive embezzlement

Khizar Makhauri lobbied for loan granting to the companies, which were under control of his immediate family. However, they did not plan to return the borrowed money to the bank.

Officers of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region detained three members of an organized criminal group, which had stolen about 2.4 billion rubles from the Tavrichesky bank. For now, the law enforcement officials do not disclose the names of the alleged perpetrators, only their age is known - from 36 to 49 years. However, according to some media reports, a Chechen national Khizar Makhauri is the main organizer of this financial machination. Besides, he is featured in the MIA reports. On July 15, the police and the Federal Security Service (the FSB) conducted a series of searches in the offices and homes of persons involved in the case of fraud in the Tavrichesky bank. There is Makhauri’s signature on one of the photos posted in the MIA press release under the arrest warrant.


The police report also contained a video of the arrest and a photograph of the ex-shareholder.    


His close relatives were detained as accomplices.

According to investigators, in the period from August 1, 2013 to September 8, 2014, the swindlers concluded loan agreements with the bank on behalf of three commercial organizations, not planning to return the borrowed money. Investigators believed that it was former shareholder of the Tavrichesky bank, Khizar Makhauri, who lobbied for granting multi-million dollar loans, having a trusting relationship with the heads of the bank. Unofficial data implied that borrowers were in fact companies, whose founders were Makhauri’s relatives. Two of the three organizations are known - MKh Trading, which dealt in wholesale trade of fuel, and a medical supplier Assol Limited Liability Company.

Makhauri convinced the management of the Tavrichesky bank to take positive decisions regarding the requests for loans. Thus, the bank in several tranches transferred about 2.4 billion rubles to the accounts of companies, controlled by the Chechen family. Subsequently, Makhauri’s accomplices transferred the money to the accounts of other controlled entities.

Khizar Makhauri had agreements with the bank’s leadership, therefore Tavrichesky did not demand the debtors to pay back for a long time.

The fraud schemes came into notice of law enforcement officers during the investigation of another criminal case of Swindling in the Tavrichesky bank, which had been initiated a year ago. Investigators were examining the circumstances of how several million dollars were siphoned off to foreign accounts through shell structures. As part of this investigation, the former chairman of the board Sergey Somov and a former member of the board Dmitry Garkusha were arrested. The record of fraudulent withdrawal of money mentioned Makhauri, but the investigation against him was delayed. Only at this moment, the investigators were able to identify new facts and details of the theft of bank capital. As a result, Makhauri and his accomplices to a large extent contributed to the collapse of the once successful Tavrichesky bank. Now the bank is forced to undergo the reorganization procedure in the reorganization in the International Financial Club.



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