House of Dagestan Chief Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise head raided

House of Dagestan Chief Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise head raided
Magomed Makhachev

Security officials do not disclose the reason for the raid, however, there is a version that Magomed Makhachev is suspected of illegally assigning a disability status to the republic residents.

Today, May 31, security officials raided the house of Head of the Dagestan Chief Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise Magomed Makhachev in the Gindib village, Tlyaratinsky district. The reason for the raid could have been suspicion of Makhachev's involvement in a large-scale fraud when assigning disability categories to residents of the republic, TASS reports.

In addition, there is information that Makhachev was present at the meeting of the National Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan.

Makhachev himself has refused to comment on the situation.

It is not the first time that security officials have searched Makhachev. Previously, searches were conducted at his workplace; law enforcement officers made copies of his documents. The media wrote that it was possible that Makhachev had been issuing fake certificates of disability.

Makhachev’s subordinate – Head of the Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise Zaira Agaeva – is suspected of a similar offense. She is accused of creating an organized crime group comprising of members of the Bureau, who would take a monetary reward for registering disability in children. She was placed in custody on May 24.

To recall, Makhachev hit the media due to the story involving his son. Drunk son of Makhachev, Ruslan Makhachev ran a red light and crashed into VAZ driven by a police officer. He died on the spot, and the official’s son was hospitalized with a head injury.

Magomed Makhachev is a deserved doctor of Dagestan. He bears the title of People's Doctor of the Republic and a degree of candidate of medical sciences.



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