High-ranking bribe-takers and benefactors detained in Bashkiria

High-ranking bribe-takers and benefactors detained in Bashkiria

The officials asked to give half the amount of a bribe to a charitable foundation.

In the Krasnokamsky district of Bashkiria, two high-ranking officials have been detained for a bribe. The district head and his deputy extorted a large sum from an entrepreneur, asking to give half of it to charity.

The investigators believe that in May this year, the company dealing with the dismantling of oil equipment received a contract for dismantling one of the oil pipelines on the territory of the district. However, it soon turned out that the permission to work was issued with irregularities. After that, the officials demanded a bribe in the amount of 3.7 million rubles ($55,217) from the company head for the possibility to continue dismantling. At the same time, the officials asked to transfer 1.8 million rubles ($26,862) to the district’s charitable foundation, and transfer the rest of the amount to one of the agricultural companies under the guise of compensation for damages. The head of the agricultural company acted as an intermediary in the transfer of part of the requested amount, namely 900 thousand rubles ($13,431).

The police, who became aware of the upcoming crime, did not appreciate the noble gesture of the district leaders and detained all the participants at the time of the bribe transfer.

Criminal proceedings under article Bribe-Taking on an Especially Large Scale have been initiated against the officials. The head of the agricultural company has been charged under Mediation in Bribery.



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