Hermitage Hotel searched for evidence of fraud

Hermitage Hotel searched for evidence of fraud
General Director of the hotel Elshan Babayev

During searches in the hotel and in General Director’s house, law enforcement officers seized financial documents.

Law enforcement officers raided the five-star Hermitage Hotel at St. Petersburg‘s Pravda Street, 10 and the house belonging to its General Director Elshan Babayev, located in a Peterhof’s suburban settlement.

The investigation acted within the earlier initiated criminal case of swindling, Life reported. Law enforcers seized Hermitage Hotel’s financial documents.

Hermitage Hotel owns the MBIK Company (abbreviated from JSC International Baltic investment company). It was founded by Malik Babaev and the Stroycorporatsya OKSMI, Elshan Babayev is the company’s CEO. The MBIK entered into an agreement with the museum for the right to use the Hermitage trademark.

Back in February, there was a scandal around the Hermitage Hotel. The International Bank of Azerbaijan started trial trying to arrest the hotel for Malik Babayev’s debt of 1.6 billion rubles. The lawsuit was filed by their Russian affiliate MBA-Moskva (International Bank of Azerbaijan – Moscow).


The International Baltic investment company bought a recreation center for food industry workers for 4.1 million rubles to turn it into the Hermitage Hotel. In Soviet times, performances and film screenings were demonstrated at Pravda Street, 10.



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