Health Ministry employees accused of negligence in public procurement

Health Ministry employees accused of negligence in public procurement

The ICR estimated damage from the crime at 2.5 million rubles ($37.600).

The Investigative Committee for Bashkiria opened a criminal case over negligence against the unidentified employees of the regional Health Ministry. State servicemen are suspected of neglect, as a result of which the republic's treasury suffered damage of 2.5 million rubles. This was reported by the press service of the region for the region.

In particular, it is assumed that the staff of the State Treasury Department of the Ministry of Material and Technical Support of the Ministry of Health of Bashkiria issued the supply of the Insulin Glargine drug to provide certain groups of the population. Sixty-one electronic auctions were held for a total of over 32 million rubles.

According to the law, when the purchase exceeds 10-million-ruble-amount, a wholesale mark-up should be in effect, but the agency employees, having split the deal for 67 purchases, did not give a discount.

"Unidentified officials of the institution, improperly performing their duties, allowed the use of the allowance, which increased the cost of the purchased drug by more than 2.5 million rubles and caused large losses to the budget of Bashkiria," the ICR explains.

Investigators determine which of the Ministry of Health officials is involved in the commission of the crime.



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