Heads of banks with signs of asset stripping may be banned from going abroad

Heads of banks with signs of asset stripping may be banned from going abroad

At today's meeting, the President Putin and the Head of the Russian Central Bank discussed the issue of reasons of the crisis of banks and revocation of their licenses, which, in recent years, is not the rare phenomenon for the country.

The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina noted that often the loss of funds by the banks happens not due to economic reasons, but has a criminal nature. The bankers, in her words, move out assets abroad, and then leave themselves.

The Head of the Central Bank noted that in Russia, ordinary citizens with debt for utility services or traffic fines can be banned from leaving the country, whereas bankers with huge debts of the banks they control are free to leave.

"It is clear that it is not impossible to obtain a judgment within two days, but we must think about this system", quoted the agency Interfax Nabiullina.

In response, the President proposed not to let these individuals abroad and promised to the head of the Central Bank to instruct the government and the law enforcement agencies to consider limiting travelling abroad for bank managers with evidence of the withdrawal of assets.

The parties agreed to jointly think about how to protect the state and society (i.e. depositors) from criminal occasions, without restricting civil liberties.

Earlier, a similar initiative was sounded by the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). In early 2016, the agency proposed the Korean and Chinese inspired amendments to the legislation on pretrial ban on foreign travel and the freezing of assets to owners and managers of financial institutions in respect of which the investigation is being or restrictions.



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