Head of St. Petersburg department of Russian Youth League faces embezzlement charges

Head of St. Petersburg department of Russian Youth League faces embezzlement charges
Dmitry Lyadov

New details have appeared on the arrest of the Russian Youth League's St Petersburg and Leningrad region department head. The MIA St. Petersburg Main Directorate has instituted three criminal investigations due to fraudulent activities in the agency.

Dmitry Lyadov was arrested the day before and charged with major fraud, according to Lyadov’s attorney Aleksandr Khvalensky, as quoted by Fontanka.

The Russian MIA Main Directorate in the Leningrad region has instituted three criminal investigations for attempted major fraud, according to Fontanka.ru. The agency wanted the St. Petersburg authorities to reimburse it for implementing projects and submitted forged documents for organization of events, according to investigators.

Defendants attempted fraud when implementing the project by the Staffing School of Non-Governmental Youth Organizations and holding public patriotic events on the occasion of 14-year-olds getting state IDs, according to RIA Novosti. The agency requested over 540,000 and 480,000 rubles ($9.3 and $8.3 thousand) to reimburse the events respectively. However, RIA Novosti could not find any prove any classes were given as part of the project.

Lyadov pleaded not guilty. His attorney insists the events were indeed held but on other days. Lyadov handed the police documents it was interested in voluntarily prior to being arrested, according to Khvalensky.

Lyadov began his career in the agency following a scandalous departure from the Russian MIA several years ago, according to Fontanka. Police Captain Lyadov was fined for 9 thousand rubles ($156) and changed jobs. The agency began signing multimillion contracts with the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region authorities once Lyadov began working there, according to Fontanka.

To recall, Agency CFO Marina Dementyeva was also arrested. The police searched several apartments, houses, and corporate offices.



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