Head of Mosoblbank dies in colony

Head of Mosoblbank dies in colony
Andrzej Malcevsky

Andrzej Malcevsky, who was convicted of embezzlement on an especially large scale, died in a hospital of a colony where he served a four-year sentence.

According to RBC, head of Mosoblbank Andrzej Malcevsky died in the colony on June 16, but this was revealed only today. According to Malcevsky's lawyer Andrey Solomenny, one day the convict collapsed and was taken to a hospital where he "died of illness." The cause of his death is still unknown. However, according to Solomenny, "there is no evidence of violent death."

Andrzej Malchevsky was convicted of frauds at Mosoblbank. The fact of fraud was revealed in 2014 after the financial rehabilitation began. Then a new chairman of the board was appointed, he also appealed to the police with a statement over the withdrawal on the part of the former management of depositors' funds. It turned out that 68 billion rubles ($1bn) were siphoned off and stolen. According to the investigation, top managers had hidden fraud for almost two years, providing misleading reports to the Central Bank.

In 2016, Malchevsky was sentenced to 4 years in a general-regime colony by the Izmailovsky District Court. His son, Alexander Malchevsky, was also a former top manager of the bank, and now he is on the run and declared wanted. The investigation suggests that he may live abroad.



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