Head of Moscow bank was arrested in Spain for laundering 60 million euros

Head of Moscow bank was arrested in Spain for laundering 60 million euros

In a short time the Head of the Pervyi Klientsky Bank (First Client Bank), together with the staff member and one of the shareholders bought more than 200 houses in Spain on laundered money.

In Spain there were arrested two employees and shareholder of the Moscow Pervyi Klientsky Bank, accused of laundering of large sums of money, Deutsche Welle reported, citing a source in the Spanish law enforcement.

According to the investigation authorities in Spain, it is a record amounts over the past few decades through the laundering affairs with funds by foreigners in Spain.

The investigation believes that the detained Head of the Pervyi Klientsky Bank Board of Directors Grigory Mukhin, a shareholder of the bank Mikhail Savulchik and the employee Stanislav Baikov laundered withdrawn from Russia capital through investment in Spanish real estate and investments in accounts of financial institutions.

According to investigators, large sums of cash suspects first exported from Russia to offshore zones, in particular in Andor. Then, by the bank transfers or in cash, money crossed into Spain. According to Interpol, the detainees were engaged in laundering funds and in other European countries.

According to initial estimates, in the short term suspects laundered at least 60 million euros. On these funds they managed to acquire not less than two hundred homes in various regions of the country.

Spanish law enforcement agencies have seized more than 150 suspected accounts. In addition, more than 100 thousand euros were seized from the detainees in cash.

Also, the edition became known that in the same case there are five others defendants - citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Spain. Spanish law enforcers did not yet started to detain them, but forbade them to leave the country during the investigation.

According to the portal Allbanks.ru, founded in 2003, LLC Pervyi Klientsky Bank is a small-sized Moscow bank. Key areas of activity is service and corporate lending, financial market transactions. The Bank is active in the foreign exchange market operations.

It is noteworthy that the bank is not a participant in the system of mandatory deposit insurance, which is supervised by the DIA. In addition, for the period from 2012 to 2015, the bank has repeatedly brought to administrative liability for failure to fulfill requirements on counteraction to legalization of proceeds, criminally obtained, and financing of terrorism, and was fined in April 2013.

In the same period for laundering funds the Head of the credit organization Grigory Mukhin, who owns 16.99% of the bank's assets, was attached to liability. Another of those arrested in Spain Russians, Mikhail Savulchik, owns a 1.76% stake in the bank.



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