Head of Federal Air Transport Agency might be complicit with Transaero embezzlement

Head of Federal Air Transport Agency might be complicit with Transaero embezzlement
Alexander Neradko

The investigation officials believe that Alexander Neradko was the reason the airline company suffered a 610m-ruble loss ($9.000.000).

The Investigative Committee of Russia will undertake a check on Alexander Neradko, the former top manager of Aeroflot and the current head of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya), who might be involved in the Transaero theft. A new count has been added to the criminal case against the air carrier’s former head, Alexander Burdin. He is accused of embezzling over 1.3 billion rubles ($19.3m), non-payment of salaries to employees and abuse of authority.

Vedomosti reported that had Rosaviatsiya and Transaero entered into an additional agreement to subsidize transportation to the Far East on November 13, 2015. The document was signed by Alexander Neradko and the then company head Dmitry Saprykin. The essence of the document was to cut back on the allocated funds, with 1.095 billion rubles stipulated in the contract being changed to 485 million rubles, without giving any reasons. The investigation believes that the company covered all the hours required, and therefore received less than a 610m-rubles’ subsidy it was entitled to.

A handwriting examination of Neradko and Saprykin’s signatures will be carried out to verify the authenticity of the document, the case file said.

The source of the publication assumes that Transaero simply failed to cover the hours for the full subsidy’s worth, so Saprykin had to refuse a part of it and Rosaviatsiya could split it among other airline carriers. However, according to the former Transaero manager, the company did fulfill all its obligations and was supposed to get the full amount. He could not name any reasons why the subsidy was cut, however.

Transaero was declared bankrupt with a debt of 329.000.000.000 rubles ($4.900.000.000) in September 2017.



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