Head of company developing drones for Ministry of Defense complains of threats 

Head of company developing drones for Ministry of Defense complains of threats
Alexander Gomzin

In his letter to the FSB, Alexander Gomzin writes that businessman Rustem Magdeev, who was a friend of former prime minister of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov, forced him to sell a controlling stake in the design bureau. Gomzin also accuses Magdeev of having ties with Radish Yusupov, leader of the Sevastopolskie criminal group.

Arrested on suspicion of misuse of budgetary funds head of the design bureau named after M.P. Simonov Alexander Gomzin tells about the pressure exerted on him by businessman Rustem Magdeev. He states this in a letter addressed to the Head of the FSB counterintelligence service on January 18, 2018, IA Prime reports. According to Gomzin, Magdeev has ties with former Prime Minister of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov and leader of the Sevastopolskie criminal group Radik Yusupov, also known as Dragon.

Gomzin writes that Magdeev is trying to take over the design bureau. Using his ties, the businessman allegedly forced the head of the bureau to reregister 301.865 ordinary uncertificated shares to Sokol-Invest OJSC, which owned a controlling stake in the company. After that, the shares were to be sold to Magdeev. Gomzin tried to resist the takeover, but the businessman threatened him with troubles. As a result, in October 2014, the shares were alienated in favor of Falcon Eyre, a company owned by Magdeev’s employees. Thus, the businessman, as the owner of a blocking stake, was able to influence the managerial processes of the design bureau. In the summer of 2017, shares owned by Falcon Eyre were alienated in favor of unnamed companies related to businessman Viktor Grigoriev, Gomzin says.


Rustem Magdeev

The head of the Simonov Design Bureau also writes that in May 2015 Magdeev invited him to the opening of the Graff store in Cyprus. During the visit, the businessman "persistently offered" Gomzin to cooperate with "a large Israeli businessman," who was also present at the event. Magdeev introduced him as one of the "largest suppliers of Israeli military developments, including unmanned aerial systems." In 2011, the Simonov Design Bureau won a contest of the Ministry of Defense for research work on the creation of a device weighing up to 5 tons worth 1 billion rubles ($16.3m). In 2016, the bureau provided a prototype of the Altair drones, but there was not enough money to complete the project. In his letter Gomzin writes that he refused to cooperate with the Israeli supplier.

According to Gomzin, in December 2017 he was offered to voluntarily resign from the post of director general of the design bureau and conduct an additional issue of the company's shares. In exchange, he was allegedly offered to stop the persecution by law enforcement bodies of Tatarstan. In his letter, Gomzin notes that Magdeev and Grigoriev got access to the materials of the bureau and that led to the disclosure of scientific and technical information constituting state secrets, as well as jeopardizing the implementation of the state defense order.


Radik Yusupov, Dragon

As InKazan.ru writes, Gomzin also states that Magdeev is the confidant of Radish Yusupov, leader of the Sevastopolskie group, also known as Dragon. This nickname he received because of his cruelty to his opponents and "unprecedented vitality." In 1994, Yusupov survived the assassination, during which he got 8 gunshot wounds. In 2008, Dragon was arrested on charges of killing several people committed by an organized group (Article 105 of the Criminal Code). In 2010, he was sentenced to 4 years in prison. The mob, however, was released in the courtroom. Later he was arrested again and was sentenced to 8 years in prison when the case was reviewed. In 2016, Yusupov was released on parole.

Alexander Gomzin is arrested in Kazan on April 20, 2018. The court placed into custody until 10 June.



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